Heinze revealed that he did not give a technical talk and spoke about Messi again: “Please, leave Leo alone”

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After Newell’s victory against Barracas Central on date 6 of the Professional Soccer League, coach Gabriel Heinze maintained that the team continues to take steps forward in search of soccer identity, he revealed that he did not give the pre-match talk because he felt that the players “already knew what they had to do” and he spoke of Lionel Messi again. “It’s your own decision, you feel it or you don’t feel it and no one has the obligation to come”responded about the future of the 10th and the possibility of a landing in Leprosy, shortly after the threat he received in the city.

“The only one who should decide something is the person himself, in this one should not have an opinion, First you have to give him everything the club has, without lying to him. That is your own decision, you feel it or you don’t feel it, nobody here has the obligation to come, please leave Leo aloneasked the Gringo.

On the performance of the team and the idea of ​​the game, he expressed: “We keep taking steps, I don’t change the speech, we are trying things, Today for the first time I did not give the technical talk, yesterday I felt that they were looking at me and saying ‘we already know’I feel that I could not help them because they already know what they have to do and that is very nice, it is a message so that people know our truth”.

On the other hand, he especially highlighted the performance of Facundo Mansilla, the youthful defender who decided to keep within the eleven despite the fact that he did not have a good game last date. “There was a great evolution of Facundo, both against Instituto and in today’s game,” he said about the defender who scored the winning goal.

Another aspect that he pondered was the execution of the set piece, a weapon that has been giving the team a lot of results: “We attach great importance to set pieces. But you have to analyze what is done to get to that stopped ball. The situation you generated before that set piece.”


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