Health in the Ploërmel region: professionals come together in an association

Renan Le Jossec, podiatrist and Paul-Henri Dilosquer (osteopath) are launching, with four other health professionals, a territorial professional health community. ©Le Ploërmelais

Six health professionals from the territory of Ploermel community (Morbihan) are launching a CPTS to Territorial Professional Health Community in order to bring together all the medico-social actors who gravitate around patients.

Encouraged by the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and the CPAM (primary health insurance fund), the initiative is unpublished on the country of Ploërmel : “We are six* to launch the association but the objective is to be joined by other professionals”, underlines Renan Le Jossec, podiatrist and Paul-Henri Dilosquer, osteopath.

Who are the six doctors at the initiative of this group?

Maxime Le Gal (physiotherapist) – Renan Le Jossec (podiatrist) – Thibaut Martin (physiotherapist), Morgane Lelait (speech therapist) – Paul-Henri Dilosquer (osteopath) – Deniz Nalbantoglu (general practitioner) – Aurélie Demiguel (GecoLib’ project manager) .

Once together, the various actors will develop projects aimed at improving prevention, the patient’s care pathway, access to a general practitioner and unscheduled care…” We will define priorities with our colleagues according to needs and problems of our territory”, they continue.

Network work

This community thus aims to facilitate the networking that already exists for some and which tends to become widespread under the impetus of health policies and to obtain visibility in the institutional landscape and to be able to participate in the organization of care.

“Once the health project has been recognized by the ARS, each year a budget will be allocated to us to carry out our projects, compensate the health actors who participate in them, and finance a coordinator position. »

In order to present the project, a meeting is organized during which a speaker from a CPTS already created will present the mode of operation and the work already carried out.

To discuss the creation of a CTPS on the territory of “Ploërmel/Guer/Josselin/Malestroit and surroundings”, a meeting is organized on Thursday March 9 at 8:30 p.m. in the village hall of Gourhel.

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