He tore them to pieces! Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino threw everything at Diego Lainez and Santiago Muñoz (VIDEO) – Fox Sports

Gerard Martino opined on Diego Laínez y Santiago Muñozpromises that went to european football and recently returned to Mexico. He former Tricolor coachcompared them with Edson Alvarez y Cesar Montesconsolidated and sustainable players, from their point of view:

“You have to understand why. Diego Laínez come back with 22 years. Santiago Muñoz con 20 years. There is talk of footballers who, at a young age or without playing, go to european football. The alarms rarely go off when in 2-3 years they return to Mexico. The noticeable difference with Edson Alvarez o César Montesis that they are formed, solidy that can be sustained”, he mentioned in an interview with Tomy Arguelles.

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Gerardo Martino also criticized the Mexican soccer market

He technical from Selection Mexicanabelieves that a problem in Mexico is he Internal market of signings. From his point of view, in Internal market the players have high valuesWhile in the external market they dont have it. In view of this, he commented as follows:

“How come he mexican market has players who are worth $8-12 MDD and those same ones have no way out. Anywhere in the world that is an exporter, a footballer with that value in the domestic market would have the same value abroad. (In Mexico) There is a feeling of a parallel market, where the value here is one and there is no value abroad”.

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Gerardo Martino’s proposals for Mexican soccer to grow

Tata Martino believes that the youths will help improve the mexican soccer. However, he considers that Mexico not given much of a chance national player. Furthermore, he believes that not all foreign who are hired in Liga MX are of sufficient quality to increase the Mexico level:

“The more possibilities the young playersthe more fed will be the Selection. In between more category have the foreign hired, will improve the national soccer players. In Mexico we made a diagnosis and mentioned it. Everything remains in the authorities, clubs and those who lead Mexican soccer”.

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