He returned the dig to Hrabík. Maybe he liked the sausage in the stands, Najman from Liberec reacted to the “family”

What was going through your head at that moment after such a drama?

Huge emotions! I am very happy that we advanced and that we did it. The series was very demanding and prepared us perfectly for the quarterfinals.

Have you ever scored a more important goal?

I would compare it with the winning goal for 2-0 at Sparta in the seventh game of the semi-final (season 2020/2021). But the emotions are the same. It’s a process, we take it and the season continues! Now we have to prepare well, recover well and move on.

How did you feel in the ninth minute, when you were already losing 0:3?

We have to be pros even if this happens. Three times we broke the stick there, three times we got an unlucky goal. But we still believed in our strength. We have a strong team, four lines that can score and we have dedicated players and we can rely on that in the next rounds.

After the third conceded goal, you took a time out. What was heard on the switcher?

That it’s the past, that we can’t do anything about it, that now we have to push everything to the gate and believe in our strength.

With exaggeration, didn’t you get started by the correct timer, which was broken at the beginning of the match, when you first saw the 0:3 score?

I think we were started by a save by Kvaky (Kváči’s goalkeeper), who caught a two-on-one outnumbering at 0:3, and from then on we started playing. Čahy (Dlouhý) reduced the lead with two goals, Rychlovský equalized and we were happier in extra time.

Did you register the reaction of Pilsen’s Kryštof Hrabík after the third match on the social network? I’ll just remind you that the striker wrote on Twitter after the two-match disciplinary punishment that “the Augusta-Najman-Ujčík family is still sticking together.”

He registered. And I just laughed it off. I hope he enjoyed the sausage here in the stands today…

Do you take the winning goal as satisfaction?

It’s a team sport, we all wanted to win and if he needed to relieve himself like that, he relieved himself. We decided it on the ice and he watched it from the stands.

Hradec awaits you in the quarter-finals. He was resting, do you think this is an advantage, or on the contrary, you have it because of your playfulness?

I don’t think they have an advantage. We are on the move now and we have to take advantage of it. I am looking forward to it so much. This is why we play in the playoffs. We will prepare for them, watch the video, train well and we will face them on Sunday.



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