“He had the balls to tell me the truth”

Alexis Mac Allister He was undoubtedly one of the names that earned his place in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, he added many minutes and was important for the team. In addition, he has a peculiarity and that is that he was the only player of the Argentine National Team who ‘took’ an MVP from Messi. The Brighton player recalled the consecration in Qatar and also revealed a raw chat with Lionel Scaloni.

“My first memory of the National Team is not very good… Speaking about that Qualifying date, I arrived in Argentina, it was the start of the Qualifying, we had Ecuador at home and Bolivia as a visitor. When the match of Ecuador, The day before, Leo Scaloni grabbed me and told me that I was going to have the chance to play as a starter, that I looked very good and that he wanted me to play as a starter before the last training. Passed the training Game day came and Alexis was out. At that time it was a little frustrating, then we went to Bolivia and I had to go to the bank. After a while I had the opportunity to talk to him and he told me that although he had told me before that he wanted to start training in training, he had not seen me well, he thought that I was not in the best shape and ended up leaving me out. Perhaps it was a moment when he was not so good, but at the same time it helped me a lot to know that he had to be one hundred percent “he recounted in dialogue with AFA Estudio.

When they asked about Lionel Scaloni, I do not doubt: “I always highlighted the human more than anything”. then he expanded: “In this profession, telling the truth is something very important and as I said before, he approached me and he had the balls to tell me the truth and that he was not well at the time. I always stressed that part a lot about him. Afterwards I am obviously very grateful for the confidence that he always gave me on the pitch.”.

Later he spoke about that peculiarity of having been the only player from the Argentine National Team to win an MVP during the World Cup in addition to Leo Messi. “When I won it, they asked me who I would give it to and the truth is that I would give it to Leo. Everyone knows how important it is for us and all the things he does on the pitch, it’s very difficult not to give it to him. But the It’s true that there were also very good performances, I think Leo also named Juli in the match with Croatia, who could easily have won it. Everyone would have given it to Leo in every game, but the team had great performanceshe assured.

Later the midfielder told what are the ‘treasures’ of the World Cup that he keeps. “I have the one from the debut with Mexico, I have the one from Poland I think it was the first goal and then I have the one from the final, the two from the final. I did give the rest, to family, friends… But I kept those three that I felt were a bit the most important”he told about the jackets he kept.

Foto:Daniel Jayo/Getty Images


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