he gets thrown cans at a baseball game

he gets thrown cans at a baseball game

Really nobody likes him…

When you throw yourself into a provocative, hyper-aggressive troll character, you have to know how to assume. 6ix9ine had chosen this credo to make himself known, playing the New York gangster close to the Bloods, with Latin origins and facial tattoos, insulting all the competition by shaking weapons. Since icollaborated with the justice system to avoid heavy prison sentences, and knew a long descent into hell which is still not finished. Not only no one listens to him anymore but also everyone seems to hate him.

We could still notice it once again during a baseball game. March 17 was the quarter-final of the World Baseball Classic. pitting Mexico against Puerto Rico. The meeting took place in Miami, Florida, and 6ix9ine was in the stands. Obviously, they don’t like it there either. As he waved a Mexican flag in the stands in front of the crowd, to represent his origins, many spectators began to insult him and shout at him, giving him the arm of honor.

Pire, a man bluntly threw a can of beer which grazed the rapper’s head. We were a few centimeters from “Perfect”, but in the end no one was hurt. The rapper then had to be changed from the stands by the organization. A journalist present on the spot confirmed that this incident had nothing to do with the Mexico / Porot Rico rivalry, but much more with the contempt that people show towards 6ix9ine… who continues to reap what he sows.



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