He earned money on Twitch and donated it to sick children. The great gesture of Luis Enrique Football

At the end of August 2019, Luis Enrique experienced a family tragedy. At the age of nine, his daughter Xana died from cancer. The girl had been suffering from a malignant tumor of the bone tissue for five months. After her death, the Spanish coach was involved in charity events many times.

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Luis Enrique donated. Noble goal

On Friday, March 31, the Spaniard announced via social media that he had donated to children suffering from cancer. 30,000 euros went to the account of the Enriquet Villavecchia Foundation. Previously, he earned this money himself… by streaming on Twitch during the World Cup in Qatar. These programs were very popular.

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During the broadcast on the streaming platform, Enrique answered all kinds of questions from Internet users not only about the World Cup itself, but also, among others, about the World Cup. personal or professional issues. In turn, viewers could donate money to be donated to charity.

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“Thank you for your generosity and support. Part of the proceeds will go to the Twitch platform in accordance with the agreement, and the rest will be donated to the foundation” – we read in the message on the trainer’s profile.

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Luis Enrique could lead the Polish national team. There were conversations

The donation is not the only reason why the trainer has recently appeared in the media. After finishing work with the Spanish national team, Enrique was tried to work with the Polish national team, which was revealed in the media a few days ago. “It’s confirmed. Poland was one of the teams that probed or presented Luis Enrique with a binding offer,” one of the journalists recently informed.

Cezary Kulesza, the president of PZPN, also referred to the case. – I don’t remember any of these negotiations anymore, I don’t go back to it because we have a good coach. Why are you messing with it now? (…) It’s a past. I would like to leave this stage of looking for a coach behind me and focus on working with Fernando Santos.


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