Hammer “Bude” in the video – half-volley in the back! Mainz shows Ivanschitz goal

“Couldn’t wish for better”
Mainz and Hoffenheim will meet again in the German Bundesliga on Saturday. In order to get the fans in the mood for the game, the public relations department dug up the Ivanschitz hammer from 2009 and asked the dream goalscorer from back then for a telephone talk. Andy raves about the old days at Mainz and his turbo start for the new club under a certain Thomas Tuchel as head coach. “I think it was a start that I couldn’t have wished for better myself,” he says on the club’s website: “First of all, the reception at the club, how the fans and the whole environment welcomed me . And then to start so brilliantly under Thomas Tuchel as a Bundesliga promoter, I still get goosebumps just thinking about it.”


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