Hakimi’s wife takes a stand, “I will always be on the side of the victims”

Almost a month after the start of this affair, it was his wife, Hiba Abouk, with whom the Moroccan is in the process of divorce, who spoke in an interview with the Spanish daily The country. She explains that she “needed time to digest this shock” to then express herself, despite the fact that “on certain sensitive subjects silence can be favorable”, but that she still felt a “compelling need” to speak out. Hiba Abouk specifies that her break with the player is prior to this case, adding that she was not aware of it. “After making the decision to legally separate and cease living together, pending divorce proceedings, who would have imagined that in addition to facing the well-known pain of separation, and accepting the grief that the failure of a project entails, a relative to whom I had given myself body and soul, I should face this ignominy”, she indicated, before clarifying her position: “You have to trust good behavior of justice given the seriousness of the accusation. It goes without saying that in my life I have always been and will always be on the side of the victims.”


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