Guardiola wants to crack a 40 million call option for a Belgian nugget!

A young Flemish crack should be at the heart of many rumors this summer across the Channel!

To forget their pale season in the league, supporters of Southampton (20th) can take advantage of Roméo Lavia. Real revelation of the Saints this season, the young player who has the double defensive midfielder / central defender (a profile which is reminiscent of Amadou Onana who knows an identical situation on the side of Everton), achieves by far the best season of his short career!

Only, it is possible that the player trained in Anderlecht will live his last months in Hampshire. Revealed to the eyes of the whole kingdom this season, many big names are eyeing his talent. And among them, there is one who would like to… get it back! Indeed, Lavia arrived this summer in Southampton from Manchester City! Problem, the Skylbues have slipped into his contract a buyout clause up to 40 million pounds, valid from 2024 …

A year of respite for the Saints? Not sure, because other big fish from “PL” are also under the spell of the player. This is particularly the case for Chelsea, who have had him in their sights since last summer, but also for Arsenal, the Gunners also being on the Caïcedo file on the side of Brighton.

It smells of the good big thriller that will animate this Premier League off-season!


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