Good results for local judo

Espaly-Saint-Marcel. Another big competitive outing for judo at Altisports. At each outing, in departmental animation or judo competition, the licensees are still numerous. This time ? there are almost thirty judokas spread over the whole day who faced each other either for the first time, or with confidence after having already received a few medals.

Christophe Charpenay, the president of the club, and all his team allowed, for this flawless day, 200 judokas to meet.

Judo at Altisports is on Tuesdays in Chaspuzac and Wednesdays and Fridays in Espaly. Information can be obtained from the coordinator Dominique Castanet at the telephone number


1. Marie Alexandre, Bonjean Anouck, Marcus Marty, Camille Arsac, Elio Véloso, Itry Mia, Adrien Fontaine, Djeyson Sahuc. 2. Manon Fouilloux, Lucas Brunel, Manon Brunel, Méline Breuil, Ioan Breuil, Gabin Zieminski and Nathan Maux. 3. Lucas Rocher, Basil Pitavy, Sacha Martinez, Mingot Noam, Eden Morel, Melina Francolon. 4. Axel Morel, Clémetn Rribbes, Djoulan Bonnard, Annaelle Vidal, Valentin Zieminski. NC. Noah Fayolle, Enzo Fayolle, Lianna Fournet.


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