Gold, Silver and Bronze for Judo from Mexico in Pan American Cup and Senior Pan American Open 2023

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for Judo from Mexico in the Pan American Cup and Senior Pan American Open 2023. Photos Panam Judo.

Members of the Mexican Judo Team managed to obtain gold, silver and bronze medals at the Pan American Cup 2023 Cadet and Junior and Open Pan American Senior 2023, in Medellín, Colombia.

According to the results graphs, Eduardo Sagastegui was the one who shone in the Pan American Cup, after his -60kg category managed to win two gold medals, one of them in the Cadet competitions and another in the Junior’s.

This same golden metal was the one that Rafael Ramírez, -73kg., managed to take in the Cadet category, while José Icelo, -66kg, managed to climb to the second place podium, to hang the silver metal.

Another of the Mexicans who stood out was José Ramírez, -81kg., who in the junior category competitions managed to take bronze, while José Quinta and Juan Pablo Ramírez, both -60kg., were about to climb to the podium, be in fifth position.

Regarding the Medellín 2023 Senior Pan American Open, on the first day of competitions Mexico also managed to shine, thanks to Ulises Méndez -66kg., who managed to take the gold medal, while Robin Jara -66kg, hung the silver medal.

In this same event, Edna Carrillo -48kg., Renata Ortiz -57kg., and Moisés Rosado -60kg., stood out by reaching third position and taking the bronze medal, while Arath Juárez, -60kg., placed in the fifth position.

Photos: Panama Judo.



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