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The match started with the effective play of both teams. Sadık Emir Kabaca and Mahir Ağva’s points in Galatasaray NEF, and Brady Reece Manek’s 11-point response in Tofaş were not enough and the first period ended with 23-27 in favor of the visiting team.

When both teams started the second period in a balanced way, they had trouble producing points for a while. Recovering in a short time, Tofaş weighed heavily on the match especially with captain Berk İbrahim Uğurlu, while Ristic and Mahir Ağva were influential on behalf of the guest team. 5 minutes before the end of the 2nd quarter, Galatasaray NEF’s Mahir Ağva fouled Berk İbrahim Uğurlu with an unsportsmanlike foul, and Uğurlu took his team forward with 2 free throws. Maintaining its superiority after this period, Tofaş stepped in with a 45-38 superiority.

The third period started with mutual numbers. 8 minutes before the end of the quarter, the visiting team Galatasaray NEF started to put their weight in the match. Especially effective with Tyrus Bresdon Mcgee, Galatasaray NEF took the lead with a 3-pointer with Sadık Emir Kabaca, 5 minutes before the end of the 3rd period 35-36. After this period, while Tofaş had difficulty in scoring, the visiting team was effective with the points they found, and Mcgee’s 3 points with 1 minute before the end increased the lead to double digits and the 3rd period ended 52-68 in favor of the visiting team. While Tofaş produced only 7 points in this period, Galatasaray NEF was ahead in the last quarter with 30 points.

Both teams started the last quarter with the points they found mutually. While Tyrus Bredson Mcgee was effective in Galatasaray NEF, Boubacar Toure dominated Tofaş. With 5 minutes to go, Toure’s score dropped to single digits again, 65-74. After this time, the home team put their weight into the match. With 1 minute to go, Tyler Ennis Mcintyre’s 3-pointer equalized the score, while Tofaş took the lead 81-79 with Milaknis’ points in the attack that developed right after. The guest team, who drew Tyrus Breds with Mcgee about 1 minute before the end, won the match 83-81 with the score found by Mcgee, 1 second before the end of the match. While Tyler Ennis Mcintyre’s 18 points and Boubacar Toure’s 16 points were not enough for Tofaş, Mcgee had 26 points and Sadık Emir Kabaca had a share in the victory with 20 points in the guest team.

HALL: Nilüfer Tofaş

REFEREES: Can Mavisu, Ali Şakacı Çağlar Özkan

TOFAŞ: Emre Taşkıran, Özgür Cengiz, Tevfik Akdamar, Berke Büyüktuncel 2, Berk İbrahim Uğurlu 7, Tolga Geçim, Tyler Ennis Mcintyre 18, Ege Demir, Boubacar Toure 16, Arturas Milaknis 14, Melton Edward Doyle 10, Brady Reece Manek 14

Galatasaray NEF: Tyrus Bredson Mcgee 26, Sedat Ali Karagülle, Sadik Emir Kabaca 20, Mahir Agva 2, Efe Vatan, Dusan Ristic 11, Angelo Caloiaro 2, Duran Russell 13, Muhaymin Mustafa 2, Hüseyin Göksenin Köksal 7

1st PERIOD: 23-27

CIRCUIT: 45-38

3rd PERIOD: 52-68



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