Gaël Monfils restored for Monte-Carlo?

Without response from the entourage of Gaël Monfils to our requests for news of his wrist, which had forced him to give up, grimacing in pain, in the first round in Miami after six games against Ugo Humbert, there was matter for worry about the rest of his return to competition, after seven months out of action following a foot injury.

More fear than harm. It was through a rather strange communication that the Frenchman finally gave his news on his website. In a long message, the current 280th in the world is reassuring vis-à-vis his community of fans: “No, it’s not a serious injury.he wrote. : it is an inflammation, linked to a neuro-muscular problem. Infiltration, ultrasound and TECAR therapy should remedy this. And with any luck, I’ll be on the court in two weeks, at the Monte-Carlo Open. »

“I’m disappointed to have cut short my trip to the United States, but I loved my time on the court”

Throughout this press release, Monfils settles accounts with “sensationalist media”, who would have qualified this abandonment of « catastrophe », and refers to “Certain titles that I have seen in the press, like “Soon the end clap for Monfils” or “Despite all the goodwill in the world, he can’t make it. »

The targets will perhaps recognize each other, unless it is a vague confusion with the reactions of Internet users, more or less disappointed by this return suddenly interrupted. Be that as it may, the Parisian displays a combative morale: “I’m disappointed to have cut short my trip to the United States, but I loved my time on the court. And finally, even if I lost, I’m not ready to give up (implied his career since he, in fact, abandoned in Miami). There is always another game to come. »


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