French team: the remarkable arrival of the Thuram brothers in Clairefontaine

Among the Thurams, family reunions must not be very common. Khephren the little brother plays in Nice while his eldest Marcus evolves more than a thousand kilometers away, in Germany in Mönchengladbach. To find each other, Lilian’s two sons have found nothing better than… the France team. The two brothers are selected to play the next two matches of the Blues counting for the Euro 2024 qualifiers. The first will be played on Friday March 24 against the Netherlands at the Stade de France (8:45 p.m.) and the following Monday, direction ‘Ireland.

The two Thurams arrived at Clairefontaine together. Marcus knows the place well: he already has 9 selections behind him. Khephren who has already come when he honored the youth selections from U16 to U19 too. But he has not yet had the honors of the Castle, the residence of the Blues. He honors him his first selection. To support his surely intimidated little brother, the two got out of the same vehicle together to climb the steps. In outfits that probably owe nothing to chance. At the beginning of the afternoon, the two had essentially the same jacket, with different colors. Khephren wore a yellow and black tunic when Marcus wore almost the same but blue and black. Another common point between the two:; the wide smile displayed before joining the rest of the troop. The happiness of two brothers who follow in the footsteps of their glorious dad.

Kylian Mbappé arrived at the Blues rally on March 20 LP / Arnaud Journois Arnaud Journois

In dribs and drabs, the other Blues also arrived at Clairefontaine in the early afternoon to satisfy the photo call between getting out of the car and climbing the steps of the castle like a Fashion Week parade. A few hours after the debacle against Rennes (0-2), Kylian Mbappé did so in sobriety: dark jacket, sunglasses and thumbs up to say that everything is fine. With the Blues in any case, everything is fine…


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