Formula 1 on LCP: Rembob’INA looks back on Jacques Laffite’s victory on Ligier at the 1977 Swedish Grand Prix

The LCP-National Assembly Rembob’Ina program presented by Patrick Cohen takes us back to the great times of motorsport and Formula 1. And more precisely when the F1 circuits started to speak French again in the 1970s, with a manufacturer who then dared to launch with Guy Ligier and a new generation of pilots: François Cevert, Patrick Depailler, Jean-Pierre Jarier, Jean-Pierre Jabouille and Jacques Laffite.

This program is designed as a triple tribute: Tribute to Guy Ligier, at the start of the Ligier epic in Formula 1 in 76-77, up to the Swedish Grand Prix won by Jacques Laffite, the first victory for a French driver at the wheel of a French chassis, equipped with a French engine.

Tribute to François Cevert, young hope of F1, teammate of Jackie Stewart, who died at the age of 29 when a great sporting destiny was promised to him. Tribute to Auto-Moto and José Rosinski, the voice of F1 in those years, with, among other things, a report on the 6-wheeled Tyrell and Ayrton Senna’s debut in the world kart championship.

Guests on set: Jacques Laffite, former Formula 1 driver and former TF1 consultant, Jean-Louis Moncet, iconic Formula 1 journalist, Richard Poirot, Ina

Next broadcast: Saturday March 25 at 2 p.m.



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