For Gobert, the referees show favoritism


Aurélien Canot, Media365, published on Thursday March 30, 2023 at 9:05 p.m.

Very upset after his team’s loss to Phoenix on Wednesday night, Rudy Gobert did not mince his words towards the referee. For the French pivot of Wolves, the referees favor three teams, including the Suns.

It takes a lot to annoy Rudy Gobert. However, when the French pivot is not happy, he makes it known. And it was a very upset Gobert who came to speak to the press on Wednesday evening after his team’s defeat (107-100) on the Phoenix floor. For the French pivot of Wolves, who did not digest the refereeing decisions during this meeting, the referees tend to favor certain teams, including the Suns, evening opponents of the Minnesota franchise and the French international interior. “Gobzilla” had a lot of trouble digesting the number of free throws whistled for Kevin Durant and his teammates (27), against only twelve for Wolves. “It’s shit… It’s not fair. It’s really not fair (…) It’s like that every night. I’ve been in this league for ten years and I try always give the benefit of the doubt, but it’s hard for me to think they didn’t try to help (the Suns) win tonight (Wednesday).

Gobert: “It’s a lack of respect”

For the native of Saint-Quentin, Phoenix is ​​not the only franchise to benefit from this boost from the referees, since in his eyes, the defending champion Golden State and Sacramento are also favored by arbitration. . “I find it hard to believe they didn’t try to help the Warriors win the other night or the Kings. It’s so obvious. As a basketball player who’s been in this league for so for a long time, it’s a lack of respect”, considers the triple best defender in the league, without being fooled, aware that for the NBA, it is naturally better to shed light on teams where LeBron James (Lakers) evolves, Kevin Durant (Phoenix) or Stephen Curry (Golden State) than on Gobert’s Wolves. Much to his despair. “We are not one of the biggest markets in the NBA (…) The Wolves are not there yet. We must continue to move forward, to play despite that, and it is frustrating, especially For me.”


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