Football: Scaroni, in favor of funds entering Serie A – Football

(ANSA) – MILAN, MARCH 28 – “I have always been in favor of the entry of new players, not so much for the issue of money, but because they could make a contribution to wise governance in the media company which is the one that will have to manage rights television”. This was stated by the president of Milan, Paolo Scaroni, when asked about the possible entry of funds into the media and TV rights sector of Serie A, on the sidelines of the presentation of the new De Agostini chair in Corporate Strategy at Bocconi University.

“It’s a bit early to say what solution the League will take – explains Scaroni -. We are starting an evaluation process starting from this Friday 31 March. We have the first meeting dedicated to the analysis of the funds”. Surely “we have the problem” with TV rights, which “are the lifeblood of Serie A”, as “we are not doing well outside of Italy”. In Italy however, Scaroni points out, “we have done quite well, but the future seems grayer to us than the past, therefore, having efficient governance in the media company, in my opinion, is a key ingredient for embarking on a virtuous path in television rights” (HANDLE).