Football Primera División: Atlético vs. Valencia – Live Scores – Matchday 26 – 2022/2023

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    The goal is checked again for offside by Depay, but the striker is probably just offside and the goal counts for the home side.

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    Tooor for Atlético Madrid, 2-0 through Yannick Carrasco

    Atlético comes from the left. After a cross to depay, however, he doesn’t put the ball on goal, but Carrasco gradually puts it in and after a one-two with De Paul he gets the ball back on the left. From an acute angle, he shoots the ball right into the far corner to make it 2-0.

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    Corner kick for the guests. Kluivert puts the ball into the box from the right, but his cross flies past friend and foe alike and the chance fizzles out.

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    Go on! Valencia toast and both teams come out of the dressing room unchanged.

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    Kick-off 2nd half

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    Mid-term conclusion:
    Atlético deservedly lead 1-0 at the break against Valencia CF. The home side were the better team from the start and deservedly took a 1-0 lead through Griezmann. But only for a short time is the ball suddenly in the goal of the home side. Due to a foul play before the counterattack, the goal does not count for the guests, but the Blanquinegros now have more and more confidence and come to conclusions. Will Valencia equalize after the restart?

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    End of 1st half

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    Griezmann gets the ball on the left and pulls into the sixteen. He shoots from about twelve meters half-left position. His shot is slightly deflected and the home side get a corner kick. The corner then has no consequences.

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    Official injury time (minutes): 3

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    A small phase of pressure from the guests. Valencia settle into the opposing half and keep securing the second ball, but the crosses in the penalty area don’t really arrive.

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    Marcos Llorente

    Yellow card for Marcos Llorente (Atlético Madrid)

    Marcos Llorente receives a yellow card for a tactical foul.

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    A few minutes until the break. Atlético now manages the game a bit and lets the guests have the ball a little more. But the home side also try to become dangerous from time to time. Will there be another goal before the break?

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    Griezmann makes the game fast and puts the ball on the right edge of the penalty area to Molina, who sees Carrasco on the left and the number 21 player takes the ball directly with the right. His shot blocks Valencia.

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    First corner kick for the guests. After a quick corner from Thierry Correia, the cross flies past friend and foe. The guests remain too harmless after the goal.

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    Instead of the hit, there is now a free kick for the home side. De Paul kicks the ball straight into the goal – just past the left.

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    Hugo Hard

    VAR’s decision: Hugo Duro (Valencia CF) will not be allowed to score, score 1-0

    Hugo Duro’s goal doesn’t count because there was a foul on Depay before the counterattack. The referee takes some time and then takes the hit back. It remains 1-0 for Atlético.

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    Another cross from the guests. Gayà receives the ball on the left and has time to cross, but Thierry Correia bounces up a little too late and Atlético regains possession.

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    Valencia are now trying to overcome the home side’s defense with long and high balls. But the hosts suspect that and keep intercepting passes.

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    Antoine Griezmann

    Tooor for Atlético Madrid, 1-0 through Antoine Griezmann

    There’s the goal from Griezmann. After a sharp pass from Marcos Llorente to the edge of the penalty area, Griezmann runs into the ball and the Frenchman shoots the ball into the goal from around eleven meters to make it 1-0. It’s his ninth goal of the season.

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    The home side are now getting stronger and almost sit down in the opposing half. After a nice combination football, Mario Hermoso passes the ball from the right to the first post. Depay runs up and chases the ball past the box on the right. The lead for the hosts is now well deserved.

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    First good cross from Griezmann. He crosses the ball from the left side to the far post. Depay runs up and heads the leather just past the box to the right.

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    After a bad pass from Molina from the right, Thierry Correia grabs the ball just before the penalty mark and pulls into the penalty area. But then he loses his balance and Atlético regains possession of the ball.

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    Long ball to the central edge of the penalty area. He returns the ball down Marcos Llorente’s path and his shot misses the right post by inches.

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    Kluivert tries it for the guests from a distance. He’s actually looking for a teammate up front, but no one ran with him, so the number nine player tries it himself – clearly wide to the left!

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    First corner in the game. Carrasco executes the corner ball briefly on Depay. He passes the ball back to the right, but Carrasco’s cross is a bit too steep.

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    First degree of the hosts. After a pass to the left, Carrasco gets the ball. He pulls in at the edge of the penalty area and shoots low on goal. His shot just missed the post on the left.

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    Both teams are not really in the game yet. At the beginning there are always small fouls and ball losses. So there is no flow of play on either side.

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    Antoine Griezmann

    Yellow card for Antoine Griezmann (Atlético Madrid)

    After a foul on Thierry Correia in midfield, Griezmann sees the yellow card.

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    First action of the hosts. After a ball to the left of Griezmann, he moves to the baseline and crosses the ball to the five. But Valencia intercepts the cross.

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    Here we go! The referee releases the party and Atlético toasts.

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    game start

  • 20:50

    Things are going worse for Valencia at the moment. FC Valencia has 26 points just above the line and is only one point ahead of a direct relegation zone. Most recently, however, the Blanquinegros clinched a 1-0 win over Osasuna despite Valencia having previously only managed one win in their last seven games.

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    Atlético are unbeaten in seven games. Most recently, head coach Simeone’s team lost 3-1 in the city derby against Real Madrid. Since then there have been five wins and two draws from the past seven games. With 48 points, the Colchoneros are in third place in the Spanish league and are already 17 points behind FC Barcelona. Most recently, Atlético defeated Girona 1-0.

  • 20:30

    Valencia’s head coach Ruben Baraja also changed his starting line-up to three positions. Cömert, Thierry Correia and Nico are on the starting grid for Diakhaby, André Almeida and Samu Castillejo (bank).

  • 20:15

    A move at Atlético. Head coach Simeone makes just one change from the starting XI after the 1-0 win over Girona. De Paul is in the game from the start today for Lemar (bench).

  • 20:00

    Welcome to the Saturday night game of matchday 26 in the Premiera Division. Atlético Madrid meets FC Valencia at 9 p.m. Referee Jose Munuera Montero officiates the game.

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