Football: ‘Play as God commands’, here is the man Bearzot – Football

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 25 – Knowing and revealing the secrets of Enzo Bearzot as a man. It is the intent of ‘Playing as God cpmand’. the book written by Giacomo Moccetti and published by Battaglia Edizioni which through meetings with those who knew him (children, grandchildren, the 1982 world champions, journalists, friends and former teammates) gives the human portrait of a coach became a father of the Italian football homeland.

It is a journey in search of the “Vecio” and his football, an invitation to tell a story to those who have shared a piece of the journey with him. The introduction is by Federica Cappelletti, journalist and wife of Paolo Rossi, while the index is made up of a series of sections that well represent the different facets and personalities of Bearzot: from the dreamy one of a young athlete and teammate, to a stricter as a family man, up to the emotional one as a coach and blue CT. The author makes a real journey in search of those who have known Bearzot closely and “lived”. The testimonies are signed by the 1982 world champions such as Dino Zoff, Beppe Bergomi, Franco Selvaggi, former teammates and iconic figures of Serie A and the national team, such as goalkeeper Lido Vieri and the idol of the bull Fabrizio Poletti , up to the closest family figures, daughter and grandchildren. The result is an intimate portrait. And, why not, an amarcord (and sometimes an analysis) of Italy from the post-war period up to the 80s.