Football: Nicolato promotes Mulattieri “always find the paw” – Football

(ANSA) – ROME, MARCH 24 – “We got to see several guys at work: they all had a good match, considering that many of them were playing together for the first time. I saw great application from everyone: anyone who enters fits in very easily, thanks to the youngsters and the work of the staff at the federal supply chain level.

It seemed that these guys had already been playing together for a long time”. This was stated by the Italy U21 coach, Paolo Nicolato, at the end of the friendly match won by the Azzurrini 2-0 in Backa Topola against their equal category Serbia.

“Muleteers? He always manages to find his paw: when he’s inside the area he always gives the feeling that something could happen”, he concludes. (HANDLE).