Florencia de la V reflected on the commemoration of March 24

Florence of the Vcurrently known for her role as host in America TV, returned to reflect on a topic of importance to Argentines in their networks. Like several celebrities, the artist spoke about memory day, in which justice is requested for the victims of the last military dictatorship.

“Each March 24th We commemorate in our country the National Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice to honor and remember the victims of the last civil-military dictatorship. Every March 24 I hear at a table, in a meeting with people close to me, some comment that expresses a certain boredom about the slogan that this date proposes: to remember,” said Florencia de la V by way of introduction.

On the other hand, the famous remarked: “There is obviously a very marked association for some between this commemoration and an alleged party, political affiliation. It seems to me that many believe that insisting on the importance of this national day is directly related to how much of a Kirchner/Christian/Peronist (whichever -ist they prefer) one is. Nothing further than I think (sic)”.

“For me the exercise of remembering is essential, regardless of any co-religionist closeness. Why is this practice important? Well, because that permanent mention, that reflection and that review is what allows them to begin to add to what is called ‘collective memory’, “he recalled.


Finally, Florencia de la V spoke about the darkest aspects of that stage: “During the last civil-military dictatorship there were many ways of being considered a subversive: being a student, having political or union participation, having a non-heteronormative sexuality were just a few. of the reasons to be locked up and tortured. The memory, stories of the mothers and especially of the kidnapped people, among whom were several transvestites who are now plaintiffs in a trial against humanity. They exposed an illicit association structure in order to exterminate everything that they considered dangerous (sic)”.


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