Five Puydomoises engaged in the Raid Amazones from March 19 to 29 in Sri Lanka

Five Puydomoises will participate from March 19 to 29 in the Raid Amazones, a 100% feminine and united raid, which will take place in Sri Lanka, in Kandy, in the heart of the kingdom of tea.
For six days, teams of two or three will compete each morning in sporting events: trail running, mountain biking, canoeing, but also archery, orienteering… The afternoons will be devoted to exploring the country. and its inhabitants.

The Green Volcanic for the association L’Oasis des Dômes

Émilie Balthazar (Riom), Delphine Bichoffe (Saint-Bonnet-près-Riom) and Isabelle Durand (Issoire) will wear the bib 307 of the Green Volcanic team.

“Our ambition is to finish the adventure all three together. We will be behind in the race, but we can do well for mountain biking, canoeing and archery thanks to our training with the Riom club”, explains Émilie Balthazar. It will be her first participation in a raid of this nature, unlike her teammates, in particular Delphine Bichoffe who has 13 Rallyes des Gazelles and the Amazon raid of 2010, in Mayotte, to her credit.The Green Volcanic team has already collected €4,000 in pledges for the L’Oasis des Dômes association, which supports women with breast cancer in various ways.
Green Volcanic will raise funds for the association The Oasis of the Domes. “I had breast cancer in 2019 and am still on hormone therapy, which weakens me. The association allowed me to benefit from the Pac Man helmet to stop hair loss and adapted sports sessions. C It is important that others benefit from it”, explains Delphine. “We already have €4,000 in pledges”.

premium Nicole Barbin, Puydomoise committed to the women’s cause

The Bonding team for They moveSarah Benart and Apolline Lecercle will also take the start with bib number 63 of the Bonding team. They are the godmothers of the Elles Bougent association (photo Ilan Raphaël).

The other team, called La Bonding team, is that of Clermontoises Sarah Benart and Apolline Lecercle.

“When I got out of the Covid, I wanted to set myself a goal and my friend Sarah, who does triathlon, was up for it, explains Apolline, rather keen on climbing and dancing. I joined an athletics club to work on the endurance and we trained with the Longues nautical club and the Arc Club de Chamalières helped us.”

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TRAILER SRI LANKA MARCH 2023 from Raid Amazones on Vimeo.

The two young women are the godmothers of the association They move which promotes diversity in the engineering and technology professions. Showing that sport and science combine in the feminine is a great ambition to carry during this Raid Amazones.

“We want to give the best of ourselves and if we have a low ranking, we will be even happier”, confesses Apolline Lecercle.

They will have bib number 63, a number that will hopefully bring them luck.

Geraldine Messina



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