Fired by the Lakers, Patrick Beverley empties his bag and massacres them!

Now a member of the Bulls, Patrick Beverley, however, keeps a souvenir very bitter from his start to the season at the Lakers. Released bluntly before the trade deadline, he also spat his venom on the Purples and Golds recently, sparing no one.

His arrival in the summer of 2022 should have represented a great reinforcement for the Lakers, given that he had to bring defense and experience. But in the end, Patrick Beverley’s stint in the City of Angels was a complete flop. While he had dredged the franchise for weeks before she traded for him, the leader was only a shadow of himself.

Catastrophic in his half of the field and holder of a starving statistical production, it is therefore no surprise that the Californians got rid of him at the trade deadline, sending him to Orlando in the XXL deal around Russell Westbrook. If he has since joined the Bulls, the barker has forgotten nothing and above all forgiven nothing to his former team, judging from his recent remarks:

Patrick Beverley knocks the Lakers out after his departure

Pat Bev salutes Bulls fans: “When you play badly with them, I don’t have to go on Twitter and read ‘he’s a big sucker, get him off the team!’, contrary to what that I lived at the Lakers. »

Taken in dislike by the public of the Pourpres et Ors because of his poor performance, the former Clipper takes the opportunity here to settle his accounts. But his former teammates also took a fare:

It kept saying “Yeah we should do this on defense… do the rotations, rotations… LeBron what are you talking about, you’re not even on the field… No one was listening to me… You went first through the rookie coach, then Bron, then Anthony Davis, then Westbrook and finally only it was my turn. We didn’t hear what I was saying like we should have.

Clearly, the guard was frustrated with the lack of listening he enjoyed in the locker room and now that he has joined Chicago, he no longer hesitates to unpack his bag on his former team. The latter will appreciate… But as mentioned above, PatBev has not been up to the task this year either and the Angelinos fans are not deprived of reminding him of this.

He talks like he’s a hall of famer

Clearly, it is not tomorrow the day before that Patrick Beverley and the Lakers will patch things up. The arrival of the leader in Los Angeles was clearly a casting error, one more to credit to the Californian front office which has been seriously groping for months.


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