[Fiche Draft] Tyree Wilson (EDGE), the powerful hybrid

Is the Texas Tech prodigy ready to revolutionize his position, like Patrick Mahomes before him at quarterback?

Tyree Wilson – Edge rusher – 22 ans – Senior – Texas Tech

Size : 1m98
Weight : 123 kg
Stats 2022 : 10 games, 61 tackles (including 14 for loss), 7 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 covered fumble
Estimated draft position : Top 10
NFL Comparison : Gregory Rousseau

You all know Patrick Mahomes from this university, you will get to know Tyree Wilson. The pass rusher is steeped in qualities. He could be the next Red Raider to start in the top 10 like the Chiefs’ superstar quarterback.

Points forts

  • Run stopper
  • athletic power
  • Versatility

Tyree Wilson’s specialty is play against the run. The positioning of his body at the start of the snap (bend) is often good. He has violent hands that have nothing to envy to his opponents on the offensive line.

He’s got a physique that’s already NFL-ready, with optimal power, great reach, and expected dominance at the pro level. This power, combined with his fluidity, can allow him to crush the protective pocket to reach the second offensive curtain.

He was able to perform well in several defensive schemes in college with the Red Raiders. A rare versatility that many NFL scouts might note. He’s kind of a hybrid player who could be difficult for the opposing offensive line to read.

Weak points

  • Vitesse
  • Technique
  • Movements in pass rush

We are not going to talk about weak points but rather points for improvement because Tyree Wilson does not really have any. On the other hand, there are many points for improvement.

First of all, he will have to improve his first step. He does not take enough advantage of his initial positioning and his natural power to generate speed.

His hand technique needs to be perfected: too low when he encounters his opponent, he quickly wears out and becomes useless for his teammates. It has to do with his array of moves when he wants sacker the quarterback. Wilson is not a pure pass rusherbut the potential is there for development in this area.

Possible destinations

Tennessee Titans, Atlanta Falcons, Las Vegas Raiders, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears

The team that will have the chance to drafter Tyree Wilson will be a low-floor player, but with a ceiling that can take him all the way to becoming an All-Pro. Despite an injury at the end of the season, the player should be back on his feet for the start of training camps.

Versatile, its best use remains in a 3-4 system as a defensive end. Accustomed to this defensive scheme, the Titans and the Falcons should not miss their chance if it were to become available. He would bring a definite improvement for these two teams from the first week of competition. On the other hand, using him as an outside linebacker in this system could seem ambitious given his lack of speed and his size well above the standards of the position.

The Raiders, Lions and Bears are all developing a system with more men near the line. It could help him in his development to become a pure edge rusher. Or slip into the position of defensive tackle, if ever he still takes muscle.


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