Fasano makes the recovery with Cassano Magnago his own

Fasano makes the recovery with Cassano Magnago his own

Sidea Group Junior Fasano makes the recovery of the 20th day of Serie A Gold its own, overcoming Cassano Magnago with a score of 31-23 this afternoon, and hooks Conversano in second place in the rankings.

In spite of the result, it was a balanced and hard-fought match in the Zizzi gym, with the guests who, after being down first on 3-0 and then on 4-1, put the hosts in serious difficulty, forced for a long time to chasing Giacomo Savini and his companions, also ahead on +4 (6-10 in the 21st minute, 7-11 in the 23rd minute). At the end of the first fraction, the Juniors recovered until 12-12 on 28′, but Cassano Magnago returned to the locker room at half-time on +2 (12-14), effectively preserving the same gap until 15-17 on 9′ of the recovery.

The team coached by Matteo Belotti’s match effectively ended here, because the following 7-0 break signed by Vito Fovio’s men (22-17 in the 47th minute) brought the inertia of the match on the side of the blue-and-white team, which in the closing stages he kept his opponents at a distance without particular worries and stretched until the final 31-23.

Having removed the asterisk from the rankings in the best of ways, Sidea Group Fasano is now awaited by the direct match for the Play-Offs scheduled for Saturday at 18, again in the Zizzi gym, against Bolzano.

”We knew it would be a difficult match – declared the Fasanese left wing Pablo Gaston Cantore, and so it was, especially in the first half. In the second half we raised the pace in attack and improved our defensive concentration, taking the challenge on our side. Now let’s think immediately of Bolzano because we want to achieve the goal of finishing in the top four as soon as possible, to give us the best possible season finale”.

Sidea Group Junior Fasano-Cassano Magnago 31-23 (12-14 pts)

Sidea Group Junior Fasano: Sibilio, Angiolini 5, Sperti 4, Pugliese 3, Leban, Notarangelo 5, Messina, Boggia, Frederiksen 1, Cantore 5, Beharevic, Ostling 3, Corcione, Jarlstam 5. All.: Vito Fovio.

Cassano Magnago: Moretti 7, Monciardini, Lazzari, Saitta 2, Branca 3, Salvati, Kabeer, Borghi, Dorio, Mazza 6, Savini 5, Riva, Albanini. Herds: Matteo Belotti.

Referees: Passeri-Rinaldi.

Serie A Gold Standings: Bressanone 39, Sidea Group Junior Fasano and Conversano 33, Merano 32, Sassari 29, Pressano 25, Bolzano 24, Cassano Magnago 23, Syracuse 15, Fondi 14, Carpi 7, Rubiera (-5) 6, Campus Italia 5, Romagna 4.

Next round (9th second leg, 18/03): Fondi-Carpi, Rubiera-Campus Italia, Sidea Group Junior Fasano-Bolzano (6 pm), Merano-Syracuse, Sassari-Pressano, Bressanone-Cassano Magnago, Romagna-Conversano.


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