Experts and associations express a “resounding” rejection of the union of the Formigal and Astún stations

03/28/2023 at 1:15 p.m.


They ask those responsible for the central government to withdraw funds for the construction project of the Canal Roya cable car

While the Government of Aragon is joining efforts to try to explain the benefits of the station union project and the economic impact that the connection between Formigal and Astún will have with a stop at Canal Roya (50 million euros the first year and 500 new jobs), every day a report appears, writing or manifesto of a similar circle putting in solfa the plan that would put to Aragon in the top positions in terms of skiable domain. It is evident that from the Executive they have not known how to sell the importance of the project nor have they convinced of its environmental sustainability. Beyond, the voices of ecologists, experts or athletes are raised that sound more than those of so many who in their day cried out for the importance of this project for the Aragonese Pyrenees. These are not heard today.

The latest manifesto has arrived early this Tuesday from the Platform in defense of the Mountain of Aragon and reports that the state organizations Redmontañas and Mountain Wilderness Spain They have asked those responsible for the Government of Spain to withdraw the funds for the construction project of the Canal Roya cable carwhich will mean the irreversible degradation of one of the best values ​​of the Aragon Pyrenees.

Yesterday the heads of the central government and the DGA were transferred, through the Administrative Registry, the ‘Manifesto of the academic and conservation world in rejection of the Canal Roya project’, signed by 160 experts, researchers, conservationists and technicians in environmental management, university departments, research groups, mountain defense platforms, and societies and conservation groups, as well as nature writers, environmental media outlets, and mountaineering associations.

In their shipment, which they addressed to the ministers Teresa Ribera and Reyes Maroto, to the Secretaries of State for the Environment and Tourism, and to the General Director of Biodiversity of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO), as well as the regional promoters of the project, the President of the Government of Aragon, Javier Lambán, and the President of the Provincial Council of Huesca, Miguel Gracia.

Mountain Wilderness and RedMontañas highlighted concern and opposition that the Canal Roya cable car project awakens people and institutions involved in the conservation of mountains and nature, as well as the conviction that the natural values ​​of the entire Spanish territory constitute a common heritage for all Spaniards and their Defense is a right and a critical need for citizens, regardless of the geographical or administrative area in which they live their lives.

Likewise, these organizations highlight that the Aragón Ski Circus project in which the construction of the aforementioned gondola is framed, does not conform to any of the components of the so-called ‘leverage policies’ with which the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan (PRTR) designed to receive financial support from the European Union must be developed, and which, therefore, In no way can said project be a candidate to receive said funds.

Block European funds

In accordance with what was stated more extensively in your request, The organizations ask those responsible for the Government of Spain to intervene proactively, preventing the release of European funds for the construction of the cable car, and at the same time they urge the regional promoters of the project to discard it, resume the necessary processing for the cataloging of Canal Roya as a Protected Space.

In addition, they request to reconsider the presentation of new projects better adjusted to the Components and objectives of the PRTR and its inspiring instrument, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which have nothing to do with cable cars or ski areas, and that in this case they must contribute to the best possible distribution of financial resources in the most disadvantaged and underserved areas of the territory of Aragon, and to the protection and restoration of Aragonese nature, probably the most valuable asset for the sustainable economic development of its territory.

After an extensive letter summarizing the situation from their point of view, “the undersigned” –they appear with their names and surnames– conclude by stating that they are “citizens aware of our obligations towards future generations and of the importance of guaranteeing the protection of mountains to safeguard the ethical, scientific, intellectual and vital expectations of society as a whole”.

“We wish to express our most resounding rejection of the project for the Union of Stations”, they continue, “which would imply the destruction and irreversible trivialization of an extraordinary space such as Canal Royaand that at the same time would transmit a model of economic commitment incompatible with conservation, and therefore completely unacceptable for any of the mountain areas of our country”, they affirm before concluding: “We request that the process of processing of the protected natural space started in 2006 and should never have been abandoned”.



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