Eurocopa 2024: Joselu the one from ‘The Source’


The national team was very good with the Under-21s, I don’t think this new stage with the Under-31s is very convenient for them

Joselu celebrating his second goal against Norway.manu fernandezAP

twelve years ago, Morata y Joselu They were the top scorers for Castilla. The current captain of the team had a better projection than his partner. Now they have come together again for a night of debuts. the one of Louis of the Source as the successor of Luis Enrique. And that of the player born in Stuttgart, who at the age of 32 scored two goals in his debut with Spain.

An inauguration of a true matador of Spanish football. One more of the forgotten of the despotic Luis Enrique. As Iago Aspas y Borja Mayoral, the how ceballos, Nacho y Merino.

The birth of the Luis de la Fuente era has been dyed purple red. A great result that unfortunately is not a reflection of what happened at La Rosaleda. Five minutes before Spain’s last two goals, Norway did not draw by a miracle. And they came to have five preferential scoring chances. With Halland As a bloody scorer it would have been a terrible punishment for the team.

Ceballos is much better than that bluff called Gavi, created by the demon of the soul of Luis Enrique. He hits a lot of headers on the grass, but he is neither a striker nor a creator. He’s kind of a bull that gets loose on the football field.

The integration of a creator like Ceballos in the center of the Spanish field was luminous. Because Gavi is not substantial, Merino is very slow and Rodri was left alone to stop the Norwegian attacks, almost always led by a wise man. Odeggard– who was going to tell me! – and with the total absence of a scorer.

Most of the Viking atrocities came from the side of Bucket. Great attacker, very mediocre defender. Laporte he was helpless. The best defense was Nachoalthough he had that slip that Kepa He saved with a slap on the third Baltic occasion.

I don’t understand De la Fuente’s positions with Elm treethen Oyarzbal and I differ a lot from the fact that Iago Aspas, without meters, on the right side of Morata and without space to allow his verticality, is very useful.

Until the third game of the new coach I will not dare to take out my magic ball of fortune. But I know luck that he has had in his beginning towards saving the dark, intransigent and despotic age of Luis Enrique. That in his land enjoy his life.

I don’t think Morata, due to his character, is an ideal captain. Nor am I sure of the validity of the first team that appeared in this new selection contingency. And we have the center forwards with Morata (30 years old), Joselu (32 years old) and Aspas with 35. De la Fuente was very good with the Under-21s. I don’t think this new stage with the Sub-31s is very convenient for him.

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