Enzo Fernández revealed what Lionel Messi told him in the celebration of his goal against Mexico in the World Cup

Enzo Fernandez It was one of the great revelations that Argentina had in the World Cup. Without being a fundamental piece in the South American Qualifiers, the former River Plate midfielder entered the final list at the last moment. In the second game of the group stage, Argentina played a crucial game against Mexico, where his goal and that of Lionel Messi contributed to a 2-0 victory that set the course in the World Cup in Qatar.

After the consecration in the final match against Francethe 26 players that made up the squad remained in the country’s sports history and months later, their testimonies begin to take on real importance to rebuild again what was a feat that achieved the third star on the shield.

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The phrase that Messi said to Enzo Fernández after his goal against Mexico

In an AFA Play interview cycle called way to thirdthe journalist Morena Beltran interviewed Enzo Fernandez -previously he had done it with Nicolás Tagliafico- and spoke about the intimacy of each game, the details that did not come to light and also, some anecdote with Messi, the idol of a new generation of players.

Consequently, Morena took the audacity to speak about the match against Mexico and, in confidence, obtained some key testimonies from Fernández. One of them was about the goal that sealed the victory and the compliment he received from Rosario. “When I score against Mexico, Leo, before the corner, He tells me to come over to play and let’s have the ball against the side”, began the current Chelsea player.

And, along the same lines, he continued: “When Leo gives it to me, I don’t see anyone in front of me, so I point it at a defender who was far away, I feint him and then I kick with the bow from the front.” After summarizing that moment that gave relief to the entire Argentine public, Enzo revealed what Messi told him when celebrating: “When I’m shouting the goal I see Leo in the air, I hugged him and we celebrated. Leo congratulated me and said ‘you saw that I told you to come and play, Enzito you deserve it’”, stressed.

Enzo Fernández celebrates his goal with Lionel Messi and Julián ÁlvarezHannibal Greco – The Nation

Continuing with the talk that lasted an hour, Beltrán took the former Defensa y Justicia and River player to the final match against France, which overflowed with emotion for the six goals in the 120 regulation minutes. “I was really enjoying how we were playing. aside I said ‘We are playing the final of a World Cup, playing this way is priceless’. The truth I have never enjoyed a game as much as the first half with FranceIt was crazy”.

With a vast superiority on the part of the Argentines, Enzo also added that his opponents were “lost” and also admitted that he did not see the game replayed again. “They were totally lost. We had passing lanes everywhere, we found a free player all the time. I didn’t watch the whole game again, I only saw a summary, and it was exciting”, expanded the midfielder who today shines in Chelsea in the Premier League and took over the midfield of the Argentine team.



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