Entity meets to discuss end of 90 minutes in football

This weekend, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) will discuss the end of the ninety minutes in the football game, according to “Marca”. Fifa President Gianni Infantino opened the discussion due to the loss of time during matches and the representative plans a change in relation to the current model.

The measures that will be adopted will not be applied immediately, but a change in the timing of the games can be seen in 2024. In addition, the current offside rule will also be the subject of discussion among IFAB members, as Arsene Wenger, FIFA development director, is in favor of a modification.

Addressed in previous meetings, Wenger seeks to benefit the attacker to the detriment of the defender. The change suggests that a player is able to continue playing if the last part of his body is aligned with that of the defender, allowing the athlete to stay ahead of the defender and have an advantage.

From July, the IFAB determined some changes in football. Due to Dibu Martínez’s provocations against his opponents in penalty shootouts, goalkeepers will not be able to distract the kick taker by delaying the execution of penalties. In addition, the players’ goal celebration time will be increased by the arbitration.



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