Elena Rybakina explains improvement and adaptation to Indian Wells 2023

From his private vantage point, Elena Rybakina She must have a privileged vision of tennis, which allows her to mercilessly hit the ball and feel dominant over anyone. And the term “anyone” more than includes the best player in the world, as she is Every Swiatek, whom he has clearly beaten in the last two matches. After getting it in WTA 1000 Indian Wells 2023, the Kazakh tennis player reflects on what aspects of her game have improved and how she has managed to adapt to a surface as slow as California’s. The final of the first Grand Slam of the year will be reissued in this event, giving a clear idea that this sport has been able to enter a new era, in which giants with the agility of snakes impose their authority and overshadow one of the tennis players. most complete in history, such as the Polish one.

Feelings of great confidence and adaptation to a slow track

“I had a great preseason to be able to live experiences like this. I feel that all the work I have done with my team is paying off, having become a much more consistent tennis player than before. That is what is allowing me to play well in a surface as slow as Indian Wells. Seeing that I can succeed on a court that is not good for my interests gives me enormous confidence and shows how I have progressed. Here the conditions are slower than on clay, which is not It’s too good for me, and then it’s difficult to deal with changes in temperature, wind, etc. Today I felt perfect and I was able to play my best tennis. By being more consistent and more focused, I can make up for not getting as many free points with my serve and my forehand as I do on other faster surfaces”, he asserted.

Why his tennis bothers Swiatek

“I believe that my ability to take the initiative and press every shot is something that prevents her from developing her tennis. Today I was at the highest level of my career and when a tennis player like me is inspired and hits all the shots, it is very It’s hard to play against me. I know I’m not going to feel like that in every game, so I have to keep working to be able to beat the best on days when I don’t feel like it. The best thing is that I’ve improved a lot physically and I have much better mobility than a long time ago, which is decisive in my tennis”, reflected one Elena Rybakina that he will try to take his personal revenge for Aryna Sabalenka at the end of WTA 1000 Indian Wells 2023.


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