Eight Aveyron associations rewarded

Forty-six associations in the Midi-Pyrénées region received awards at the Caisse d’Épargne awards ceremony, which took place recently in Toulouse.

Among them, eight Aveyron associations, which responded to the “Useful and supportive of young people” call for projects, receive €47,000 in grants to carry out their projects.

Last June, the bank launched a call for projects open to associations working against the precariousness of young people in terms of housing, food, care, mobility, schooling, studies and employment.

Eight Aveyron associations were awarded for their relevance, efficiency and innovative nature of their project, their ability to mobilize local actors and involve the young people concerned in its implementation:

Favorite of the jury, the Ségala School of Ecological Professions can now equip itself with a complete professional workshop adapted to eco-construction and green spaces, in order to ensure its training in optimal conditions for the participants. This school benefits from a bonus for the integration of young people in rural areas into environmental transition professions.

L’association Millavoises Youth Holidays is the only structure offering children’s holidays in the South of Aveyron.

The subsidy improves reception by rehabilitating the ecolodges which accommodate children and adults on the Larzac plateau.

THE Archers of Sévérac-d’Aveyron offer young people in precarious circumstances the opportunity to practice archery in a dedicated space. The association organizes sessions during school holidays and can now equip itself with 20 additional bows and 100 arrows.

Caisse d’Épargne also supports the municipality of Decazeville in its action with young people wishing to pass the driving licence. 10 young people could now benefit from it each year.

Rodez Rugby benefits from support that will strengthen the reception of youth teams, and democratize women’s rugby.

The bank wished to encourage musical creation and the intervention of a choreographer withLet us burnRegional association for the development of school musical ensembles.

Youth information Aveyron supports young people in particular on the issue of mental health, following the difficulties encountered during the confinements and the current crisis. The subsidy contributes to the interventions planned in high schools, to create a show addressing in particular the subject of suicide among adolescents.

Finally Rural families, in partnership with the third place of the Bercail in Réquista (Maison des services du Réquistanais) wishes to finance a project of prevention and awareness of young people in terms of harassment. The subsidy is used in particular to organize actions at the leisure center and the media library.



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