“€50 and an hour of flight separate us”

Mark and Laura have come to ‘First Dates’ together because they are Very good friends and they know each other perfectly. They met while studying and have been living together abroad. She really likes dark humor and when she is down she gets tattoos or changes her hair color. Marc has had “unconventional” relationships and it is that he assures that she likes what he cannot have. His last relationship was at a distance with a boy from San Francisco, but the covid changed his plans.

Laura is looking for a man with black humor, but Marc doesn’t care about the color of his humor, but he is looking for a fun person. Carlos Sobera has accompanied Laura to the table so that Marc would be the first to meet her date.

Nata and Laura during their date in ‘First Dates’

Víctor, they prefer to be called Natahis middle name is the biblical name “Nathanael, it’s as if my name was Cayetano and I was poor”. He is a boy who loves sports and has a small monologue show in Madrid. Seeing Marc, he felt that they had made a mistake because he had asked for a girl, but he has let himself go because you have to know people.

Marc has felt that the subject of sport was not going much with his friend, but he liked everything about Nata, his roll, his shirt with skulls, his boots… It seemed that they were becoming friends when Carlos Sobera He told you that your date was waiting for you at the table. When seeing Laura, Nata felt that she had a very cool look “it’s what she was looking for”.

Laura wanted to start the conversation by asking him about his facet as a monologist and his showa subject that arouses much admiration for her.

Nata and Laura during their date in 'First Dates'

Nata and Laura during their date in ‘First Dates’

Laura and Nata couldn’t contain their curiosity to see who Marc’s date was and she took the opportunity to tell him that they had been living together and that she was still officially married. The bachelor has confessed that he was also married and they have been scared to learn that they had had the same years of relationship.

Laura has noticed her date’s shirt and has shown her that she also had a skull drawn on her body. The single woman really likes to play on the computer and they have coincided in games and in her musical tastes. Of course, they seem to be aware that They are too old to go to Viña Rock.

Once in the private room, Laura has had serious problems opening the ball of love, but has ended up finding out that her date had had a polyamorous marriage and looking into his eyes and telling him what he liked the most.

Nata and Laura during their date in 'First Dates'

Nata and Laura during their date in ‘First Dates’

Laura has been surprised that her date also wrote poetry and has not hesitated to ask her to recite a little of some poetry that she had written. Nata was a little embarrassed, but she ended the date by putting a touch of very cool poetry.

He is clear that he does not know Barcelona very well and that he wants Laura to show him “Only €50 and an hour of flight separate us”. It looks like they’re going to continue to get to know each other a little better and talk about skulls.


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