E.ON and Emma Villas Aubay Siena together for energy sustainability

E.ON and Emma Villas Aubay Siena are living this Superlega championship season together. The logo of the energy company is present on the game jerseys that the Tuscan team is using in all the matches of the top Italian championship.

The partnership between the two realities was discussed this morning in the Virginia Woolf auditorium of the University for Foreigners of Siena, in the presence of Professor Raymond Siebetcheu, the rector’s delegate for sport; by Professor Massimiliano Tabusi, delegate of the rector for sustainability; by Luca Conti, chief operating officer & board member of E.ON Italia; by Giammarco Bisogno, president of Emma Villas Aubay Siena; by Nemanja Petric, spiker and captain of Emma Villas Aubay Siena.

E.ON is a privately held international energy group, one of the largest operators in the world. Headquartered in Essen, Germany, it currently has approximately 72,000 employees and 50 million customers globally. In 2021, the group generated sales of 77.3 billion euros. The first major energy group to exit the energy generation business at an international level, E.ON today is also the first European operator to focus exclusively on solutions for residential, business, public administration customers and distribution networks. With a model fully aligned with the new world of energy – decentralized, sustainable, interconnected – the group has completely innovated its activities with the aim of leading the energy transition.

“We are happy and honored to have the logo of such a prestigious company on our game jersey – comments the President of Emma Villas Aubay Siena, Giammarco Bisogno. – This is a meeting between companies, with a perspective that looks with absolute interest in sport but which also has relevant commercial aspects. In fact, significant synergies can be created thanks to similar partnerships. Of no small importance is also the ecological theme and sustainability, as Emma Villas we can also contribute in this aspect and area, towards which we certainly have a careful eye. To support our project there are many sponsors and companies, we have achieved many goals and we are moving forward thanks to all the companies and entrepreneurs who are next to us and support us”.

“When we started our project – Bisogno stated again – we had the stimulus and the ambition to get to where we are today. True gratification comes from building relationships, this is an exemplary day in that regard. As an entrepreneur I feel an obligation to give back some of what I have received. We have created a constructive relationship with E.ON, we can carry on a synergy with the 500 villas that we manage exclusively in Italy and develop themes and concepts in the field of energy and ecological transition”.

Luca Conti, chief operating officer & board member of Eon Italia declares: “We are really proud to be alongside Emma Villas Volley Siena as a sponsor. This collaboration stems from a sharing of values ​​between E.ON and Emma Villas, since in the field of energy as in sport the concept of group, of community is fundamental. To create a sustainable future for all and to deliver reliable and sustainable energy to our customers it is essential that we work together as a team for a common goal. Furthermore, the partnership is also an opportunity to reaffirm our support for local communities, expanding our presence and our investments throughout the Italian territory”.

Conti again: “To date we have about 900,000 customers in Italy. Our focus is based on sustainability, the hashtag #makeItalygreen explains what our goal and intent is. To do this we use innovative technologies to arrive at the concept of smart home, the home of the future. We also think about what the company of the future should look like. We also believe that the energy transition should be a concept within the reach of all citizens. Also in Italy we implement green projects for the sea, for the environment, for reforestation. There are ample spaces in the academic world and in that of companies in which to work and collaborate. This is also the case with the Emma Villas company. The academic world must be a real engine, we are absolutely committed to training also with our Academy. We particularly care about the Sienese and Tuscan territory, which are places of excellence and quality. We care and always want to be present with a view to the ecological and energy transition. As far as volleyball is concerned, then, I believe it is a sport that can teach many aspects and concepts, above all that of team spirit that must guide the group in the search for victory. In volleyball you win if you all play together and if you all go in the same direction, and also with the birth of the role of the free, we worked on the concept of inclusiveness”.

On the subject, Professor Massimiliano Tabusi recalled that the University for foreigners has “two doctoral courses on sustainability, which is also a cultural and not just a technical fact. We can implement a green and cultural revolution to rethink our everyday life. We need a shared narrative on the theme to reach different generations”.

Professor Raymond Siebetcheu recalled that “athletes can undertake personalized study courses at the University for Foreigners of Siena. There is also a language learning activity through sport, thus following the passions of an individual and a student. Sport produces emotions, we experience them every time we come to PalaEstra to follow the Emma Villas Aubay Siena”.

E.ON imagines a world in which everyone is an energy partner, a world in which one is always connected and informed, where consumption is more efficient and a better and more sustainable future can be created. Along the way towards this goal, E.ON wants to play a key role: to make energy clean and its consumption intelligent, to promote digitalisation, through ever smarter networks, and to promote energy independence. E.ON wants to help improve people’s lives thanks to flexible and efficient solutions, and by supporting the emergence of a new model of energy freedom, so that the cities and communities of the future are better places and places of well-being.

To achieve its mission and contribute to the transition towards a greener energy system, E.ON bases its business model on sustainability, with a holistic approach that starts from within the company – guiding its activities and the work of people – and is aimed at the outside, to create an alliance with consumers and citizens, involving them in an aware community that shares ideas and best practices, capable of generating widespread and transversal change.

In Italy E.ON is one of the main energy operators on the market, with an offer of innovative and efficient solutions, to consume less and better, currently chosen by over 900,000 residential customers, businesses and public administrations throughout the country. Thanks to a nucleus of subsidiaries and more than 500 collaborators, it supplies over 1.1 TWh of green energy guaranteed at the origin every year.

E.ON puts sustainability at the heart of its business model, placing the emphasis on cooperation as a fundamental element for building a sustainable future for all together.

As far as sports are concerned, Emma Villas Aubay Siena continues its week of training in view of the decisive match on Sunday afternoon (match at 6 pm) in Monza. It will be the last day of the championship, a match that the Tuscans must take advantage of to try and reach safety. “There are opportunities in life – said President Giammarco Bisogno in this regard. – There is still another train for us, we must try to get on it”.

“Opportunities must be taken and collected, Siena deserves to stay in the Superlega”, are the words of the captain of the white and blue team Nemanja Petric. On sustainability issues he added: “We are all responsible when it comes to similar issues. These are topics that in recent years have increasingly come to the fore in public opinion, today they are talked about a lot. With my family we try to carry out positive actions, from recycling to consuming less energy. Our planet was once much greener than it is today. To raise awareness on issues of this type, I believe that we must always start from families and the education of the youngest”.



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