Diablo 4 Ranged Thief Build: Talent Points, Legendaries

Compared to Barbarians, Rogues have far more ways to survive in Diablo 4, the main reason for this being that they can fight from a distance. You have to believe that going to face in hand-to-hand combat mountains of poisoned fangs and claws is not a good idea. You’ll probably be happy to hear that a fully ranged build is not only viable, but also very capable without the need for fantastic gear.

Talents et sorts

Here is our proposal for the distribution of the first talent points, in order to make the Build work at low level. Alternatives can be chosen, and you can then invest in passives, or additional ranks for primary spells as you approach level 25. It’s not completely rigid, quite the contrary. You have to find the balance that suits you, since there are several possible variants depending on your preferences, which will make the build more or less viable in different situations. Some favor the game against groups of enemies, others against bosses for example. We will rather favor the bosses here, since they often turn out to be the main obstacles. The priority is to learn new spells whenever possible, before upgrading old ones.

  1. heartbreaker > Reinforced Heartbreaker > Later, Primary Heartbreaker. It’s a versatile and handy ability against small enemies and for regenerating your energy. But if you really want to specialize against bosses, the mighty arrow is a good alternative for vulnerability. Do not put more than one point in it in any case.
  2. rapid fire > Reinforced Rapid Fire > Advanced Rapid Fire (Enhanced Rapid Fire if you took the Power Arrow). This spell has the advantage of being a real boss and elite killer. It is also not bad against groups of enemies and especially, in corridors and other tight places. Many people advise instead Storm > Strengthened Storm > Enhanced Storm, which is actually better against large groups of enemies in open spaces. However, it is not very effective against bosses. THE Penetrating Shot > Reinforced Penetrating Shot > Improved Penetrating Shot is also a good option, even if it’s really the specialized technique against enemies in the corridors In the end, these three techniques have their merits, so do not hesitate to test them all, then to take the one you prefer. You can invest 5 points in this technique, when you have unlocked the other skills.
  3. Caltrop > Reinforced pitfall > Disciplined pitfall
  4. Concealment > Enhanced Concealment > Subversive Camouflage or Rebel Camouflage.
  5. dark veil > Reinforced Dark Veil > Rebel Dark Veil
  6. Poison Imbue > Reinforced poison imprint > Composite poison imprint, to optimize your damage on elites and bosses. Once again, you are offered an alternative, if you see that you are wasting too much time on large groups of enemies, then take Shadow Infusion > Enhanced Shadow Infusion > Composite Shadow Infusion.

Once the ultimate abilities are unlocked, you still have several choices, even their high cooldowns tend to reduce their appeal:

You can remove Concealment or Dark Veil and take Clone d’ombre > Primal Shadow Clone > Supreme Shadow Clone, for maximum burst DPS on bosses.

It is possible to regularly swap your skills in the bar, for example, Dark Veil has an unlimited duration, as long as you are not hit or you do not return to town. This provides 40% damage reduction and 10% critical hit chance at the start of combat. But juggling shortcuts quickly becomes tedious.

Suggested Passives

  • Weapon Mastery
  • Exploitation
  • Precise coating


At level 15, you unlock a quest allowing you to easily switch between stances, with different bonuses. Both are viable, but they shine in different situations. It costs nothing to switch from one to the other, so feel free to change specializations depending on the circumstances.

  • Combo Points : Allows you to charge up to 3 combo points with your basic attacks, which will greatly improve the damage of your main skills (Rapid shot, etc.). This is a better choice when playing normally on the mount map and in dungeons.
  • Inner vision : Attack the marked target to fill the gauge. When full, you gain unlimited energy for 4 seconds. The choice of target is random, which is far from optimal on groups of enemies. On the other hand, against bosses, especially those that don’t summon reinforcements, it’s fantastic. This allows you to have an infinite energy gauge most of the time.

Legendary powers and aspects

Powers are no longer necessarily tied to specific objects. Here is a list of powers that we have come across, and which are perfect for this build:

  • When dealing direct damage to a vulnerable target, you have a chance to daze them for 2 seconds.
  • Basic skills grant 25% damage reduction for several seconds.
  • When you damage an elite with a basic skill, you generate 5 energy.
  • When you come out of stealth while attacking, you drop stun grenades around you that explode dealing damage and stunning for 0.5 seconds.
  • Rapid Shot has a chance to ricochet off a second target.
  • Caltrop also throws stun grenades that explode dealing physical damage and stunning opponents for 0.5 seconds.


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