Depression Alphonso Davies – Bayern

Act. a las 11:05


Alphonso Davies seems to have it all. Starting at Bayern and considered one of the best left-backs in the world, however, he has made some statements on his Twitter account. Twitch in which he has surprised his followers by revealing that all this does not make him feel good, confessing that he feels solo.

The 22-year-old Canadian admits that he is not going through a good time: “It’s a bit worrying not having something to do, especially when all your friends they have work. I don’t have a family, my girlfriend doesn’t live with me… I’m solo“.

It’s more, Davies considers himself a loser: “I can have, maybe, five friends. I’m a popular loser.” Davies he seems to get bored and regrets not having something to do, especially since his friends have work and he cannot share those free moments with them: “After training there is nothing to do anymore. Life as soccer player professional is great, to relax and enjoy, but…”. All that glitters is not gold, at least in his case.


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