Dennis Schröder and Maxi Kleber are playing for basketball playoffs

Et was late in the night when Dennis Schröder experienced an unpleasant surprise at an intersection in Hollywood on his way home from the game against the San Antonio Spurs at the end of January. He was stopped by the police in his minibus, which was being driven by one of his personal assistants. He peeled off the air pressure cuffs that he wears after every game as a regeneration measure to stimulate circulation, slipped into training pants and stepped onto the street in his socks, where he saw himself surrounded by “twenty, twenty-five, thirty cars”, “so really alarmed ‘, as he later said in a video. The report can be found on his YouTube channel and has since been clicked on by almost half a million users.

The cops weren’t squeamish. They handcuffed Schröder. “I didn’t know what was going on when they told me the car was stolen.” The action, triggered by a license plate check, turned out to be a misunderstanding. After half an hour he was allowed to drive on. Among other things, the law enforcement officers found out who they had targeted: a 29-year-old basketball professional who has been under contract with the Los Angeles Lakers for the second time since the beginning of the NBA season and is wealthy enough to buy expensive cars and to provide personal assistants.


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