Dani Carvajal’s most culé speech – The penultimate Raulista alive

I do not remember a fiercer and more devastating criticism of the editorial line of Real Madrid Televisión than the one carried out today by Dani Carvajal, a footballer from the first team of the team that gives the channel its name, that is, Real Madrid. Asked about the arbitration, and specifically about what happened on Sunday with the VAR and the disallowed goal of his teammate Marco Asensio, Dani said that they they will not doubt the system at any time. Oh no? Are you not going to doubt the system? And you are not going to do it at any time? Why don’t you take a look at the television channel of the club that pays you, Dani? I’m telling you, more than anything, because Real Madrid Televisión has been calling into question for several weeks precisely that which, according to you, you, that is, the footballers, are not going to doubt. Hey, and you are not going to doubt “at any time”. So from Real Madrid Television they say in a video that, and I use quotation marks, “De Burgos Bengoetxea, together with his faithful squire in the VAR, César Soto Grado, they took care with their decisions to move Real Madrid away from any option to fight for the title“, and you, Carvajal, say that Real Madrid footballers do not doubt the system at any time. So the Real Madrid players, if you represent the general feeling of that locker room, or at least you in a private capacity Do you think that the Real Madrid television channel is lying, distorting reality or, in the best of cases, being very clumsy because, in reality, there is no reason to doubt the system “at any time”.

I interpret, dear Carvajal, that as the system cannot be doubted at any time, neither can it be doubted at the present time, even though it has recently been known that Barcelona has been paying number two on the Technical Committee of Referees for almost twenty years . I suppose, therefore, that you feel well treated despite the fact that today it was known that, without the VAR, Real Madrid and Barcelona they would be tied right now at 61 points while with VAR Barcelona leads Real Madrid by 12. It can be seen from your statements that you agree with Xavi, who on Sunday said that the VAR was scientific, and you take it away from your coach, who shortly before had said that it was legal to doubt the resolution of a play that had had four minutes to the referees drawing the lines in that way.

I would like you, Dani, to clarify if your opinion today is shared, for example, by Vinicius. And I also insist that I would like to know if it is a majority opinion because what they tell me from the club you play for is that they are more burnt than a bingo ashtray. It would be important for you to qualify, correct or confirm your opinion about cleaning up a system that is on trial because if we have understood you correctly, and I believe we have understood you correctly, you maintain that what Real Madrid Televisión does on a daily basis is to promote a hoax, feed a lie. It would be important that you give an interview to the Madrid television channel and that, just after the devastating reports against the referees that suggest the existence of a black handyou would say that this is flatly false and that you do not doubt the system, which, as can be seen daily, is so pristine that UEFA is tracking it and it is the negative cover of L’Equipe.

What you have done today, Dani, is lend a hand to your coach’s neck and, incidentally, to your club, who is going to appear as injured at Barçagate. If it weren’t for the fact that I sincerely appreciate you, I would believe that you are not in this world or that, being the way you are in the national team, it is easier for you to be politically correct with the Barça players you may come across in the corridor. This today supports an old theory of mine and that is that professional footballers, and not just you, You live in Soccerland and you don’t know anything or you prefer not to know anything of what happens around you. Of course, life is much better if others defend you, if others stand up for you, but it would be appreciated if you have or have privileged information in that locker room about a system that, if anything is characterized, is being in right now doubt, get in touch with the club’s communication director as soon as possible because the Madrid television channel has been giving the refereeing group more sticks than a mat. You know what, Daniel? In Barcelona they must be laughing at what you said today. It is, if you allow me, the most culé speech I have heard in a long time. Really. How are we going to doubt the rest if you are clear that the system works? And how is Real Madrid Televisión going to doubt from now on? Impossible, right? Call the channel, Dani. Sooner. Don’t let them continue to make a fool of themselves. Put them on notice. You cannot doubt the system at any time.


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