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Stefania Constantine from Amos Mosaner have packaged one of the most memorable feats in the history of Italian sport. The two blues conquered the Gold medalist in mixed doubles curling at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, literally dominating the tournament reserved for couples and winning all matches played on Chinese ice. A real apotheosis for the Trentino and Veneto, which brought the entire movement to the top, never previously capable of climbing to the top step of a leading international competition (Games, World Cup and European Championships).

A little over twelve months have passed since the glories of the five-circle review. After making the Mameli anthem play and earning undying glory, Stefania and Amos no longer played together. In fact, Mosaner had to give up the 2022 mixed World Championships due to an injury (left quadriceps vastus intermedialis tear), after having climbed on the third step of the podium on the occasion of the men’s world championship. Constantini therefore took part in that event paired with Sebastiano Arman, stopping at the gates of the knockout phase.

Mosaner then won the bronze medal at the last European Championships with the men’s quartet, while Constantini lost the final for third place in the continental field together with his teammates. In fact, the Mosaner-Constantini couple broke upthe two athletes have decided to take different paths: In fact, Amos wanted to start playing with his girlfriend Alice Cobelli, while Stefania continued to go on the ice with Arman. Il National Mixed Doubles Curling Championshipstaged over the weekend on the ice of Pinerolo (in the province of Turin), served as internal selection to decide which couple will represent Italy at the World Cupscheduled in Gangneung (South Korea) from 22 to 29 April.

Stefania Constantini and Sebastiano Arman won the tricolor title. Constantini-Arman beat Mosaner-Cobelli in the opening match of the round robin with a score of 6-5, thanks to a decisive point scored right in the eighth and final end. Mosaner and Cobelli then also lost against Colli-Gaspari (5-3) and De Zanna-Zardini Lacedelli (8-7), while Stefania and Sebastiano also won the other four challenges of the preliminary stage.

Constantini and Arman then beat Giulia Zardini Lacedelli and Francesco De Zanna 7-2 in the final for the titlewhile Amos Mosaner and Alice Cobelli closed in third position by setting Marta Lo Deserto and Mattia Giovanella for 7-5 in the final act valid for the last step of the podium. At this point Italy will be represented by Stefania Constantini and Sebastiano Arman at the now imminent Mixed Doubles World Championshipswhich will be preceded by the world championship reviews “by gender”: the Venetian will lead the female quartet, Arman will be part of the male formation together with Mosaner.

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