Çukurova left the tour to Mersin – Basketball

Women’s Euroleague quarter In the second match of the final, Çukurova Mersin was defeated by Yenişehir Belediye Bourges by a single point away. Our representative will struggle to get the final-four ticket in his pocket in Mersin.

Cukurova, who could not fully reflect her scorer identity on the field in the first quarter, closed the first quarter behind 25-17 when she only got the contribution she expected from Crvedakic. Gray and Hayes stepped in in the second period, but Cornelius, one of the heroes of the first match, drew zero in the first 20 minutes. Cukurova lost the advantage in rebounds to her opponent, and at the end of the second quarter, the difference increased to 10 at 39-29.

Çukurova started the third quarter with 5 points from Williams. When Hayes’ assists were added to his points, the comeback was also ignited, reducing the gap to 4. Çukurova could not prevent Bourges from returning from the break with numbers, and the gap increased again. Even though Gray and Williams were in double digits, our representative was trailing 61-48 in the last 10 minutes as the opponents continued to score.

The fourth period passed completely under the control of Çukurova. This great performance of our representative, who reduced the difference a little more every minute, was not enough to bring the victory. While the opponent was ahead by 4 points on the last ball, Çukurova scored a three-pointer but lost the game by 1 point, 76-75. Hayes, who found his true identity in the second half, managed to become the game’s top scorer with 26 points.

TANGO BOURGES BASKETBALL: Anderson 22, Duchet 6, Michel 6, Miyem 9, Steinberga 8, Alexander 2, Astier 4, Godin 2, Guapo 7
CUKUROVA MERSIN YENİŞEHİR MUNICIPALITY: Crvedakic 11, Gray 14, Hayes 26, Williams 14, Asena, Cornelius 4, Dubljevic 3, Gökşen 3, Hollingsworth


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