Çukurova Basketball won the first game of the quarter-final series

Çukurova Basketball (ÇBK) Mersin Yenişehir Municipality defeated Tango Bourges Basket 84-56 in the first match of the FIBA ​​Women’s EuroLeague round of 16.

The match played at Servet Tazegül Sports Hall started fiercely. While both teams found mutual points in the first period, this period ended in a 15-15 draw. Taking the dominance of the game in the second period, Mersin team stepped forward 42-24. In the 3rd period of the match, Çukurova team opened the difference in points and finished this period ahead 58-48. Putting his weight on the game in the last period of the match, ÇBK won the first match of the series 84-56.

On the other hand, Mersin Governor Ali Hamza Pehlivan and his wife Yıldız Pehlivan watched the match together with the earthquake victims who came to Mersin from the earthquake zone.

Hall: Servet Tazegul

Hakemler: Ofer Manheim xx, Gintaras Maciulis xx, Suzana Vujicic xx

Cukurova Basketball: Jelena Dubljevic x 8, Laura Cormelius xx 11, Goksen Fitik x 6, Sinem Ataş x 3, Elizabeth Williams x 8, Chelsea Gray xx 10, Quanitra Hollingsworth x 2, Tiffany Hayes xxx 19, Aleksandar Crvendakic xx 15, Esra Ural Mace x 2

Tango Bourges Basketball: Yvonne Anderson xx 12, Anete Steinberga x 2, Endene Miyem xx 10, Pauline Astier x 6, Laetitia Guapo x 6, Elodie Godin x 6, Alix Duchet x 7, Kayla Alexander x

1st Period: 15-15

Halftime: 42-34 (in favor of CBK)

3rd Period: 58-46 (in favor of ÇBK)



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