Criticism of Çukurova Basketball President Serdar Çevirgen against FIBA

President Çevirgen made the following statements in his statement:

We applied to FIBA ​​in the past weeks to host the 2023 EuroLeague Women’s Finals Four in our country, Turkey. Unfortunately, this application, which we believe is very important for the two Turkish teams to qualify for the finals and for the cup to come to our country, unfortunately turned out negatively.

Hall capacity, hall technical specifications, facilities in the city, etc. Despite the fact that we fully comply with FIBA ​​regulations consisting of features and made an offer above the guarantees requested by FIBA, with the support of our Dear Mersin Governor and Dear Mersin Metropolitan Municipality President, the finals four were given to the Czech team Prague, whose hall did not comply with FIBA ​​regulations.

Our Federation President Mr. Hidayet Türkoğlu, Deputy Chairman Mr. Ömer Onan, Secretary General Mr. Serhan Antalyalı, despite showing great sensitivity, we condemn FIBA’s handing over the organization of the final four to Prague, contrary to its own regulations.

Although it is possible to understand the preference for the finals of 2023 to be given to another country, due to the fact that the 2021 and 2022 finals are held in our country; It is a scandalous decision to make this choice in favor of an outdated hall with a capacity of 2500 people, which does not comply with the regulations set by FIBA ​​itself. Because while there is no rule in FIBA ​​regulations regarding the finals of four to be played in one country in a row, there are clear criteria regarding the hall features and it is obvious that the selected hall does not meet these criteria.

Especially when there is a modern gym with a capacity of 15,000 people in the same city, it is clear that the finals of four, which will be held in this gym, as well as under the stairs bodybuilding gyms, will steal the EuroLeague brand value. In the face of all the investments we have made in European basketball, we do not accept this irregularity. We cannot understand FIBA’s attitude against its own regulations. As ÇBK Mersin Basketball Organization, we want the entire basketball public to know that we have no fear of anyone and that we will achieve our goal under all circumstances. However, we think that this hall is not capable of holding the most important organization of European women’s basketball, we believe that it will not be enough to reflect the beauties of basketball.

We believe in a Turkish final to be held in Prague and we demand from FIBA ​​to play the finals four at the O2 Arena, one of the most modern facilities in Europe, which complies with its regulations, instead of this hall, which is obviously against the regulations.
We also wish success to Fenerbahçe Alagöz Holding, our other representative in the final four.


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