Crazy finale: Zwickau grabs three points against Ingolstadt

As of: 03/26/2023 4:08 p.m

Unbelievable, FSV Zwickau still snagged three vital points in a crazy final against FC Ingolstadt with a 2-0 win. Until shortly before the end, the “Schwanen” didn’t do much together offensively, then a double strike redeemed the hosts.

FSV coach Thielemann made three changes in the starting eleven after the 4-0 defeat in Dortmund. He let Butzen, Göbel and Möker play for Könnecke, von Schroetter and Schneider from the start. Ingolstadt’s coach Guerino Capretti changed his starting line-up in two positions compared to the 2-3 win against Dynamo Dresden: Musliu and Preißinger started for Nduka and the suspended Sulejmani.

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Zwickau properly in the game – Ingolstadt creates opportunities

The Zwickauer started committed, they clearly belonged to the first minutes. Gomez and Ziegel attempted long-range shots that just missed the target. The Swans continued to move forward, which was interrupted after Löhmannsröben lost the ball. He frittered away against Schmidt, but Testroet eventually gained possession and found their master in Zwickau’s goalkeeper Brinkies. That could have been obvious.

Duel between Zwickau’s Johan Gomez and FCI player Marcel Costly.

Irrespective of this, the swans continued to set the pace, were better in duels, but lacked precision in the end. After a good 20 minutes, Ingolstadt came into play better and the guests created opportunities. Testroet was denied by Brinkies in the 26th minute and Butler shot just wide of the Zwickau box just before the break. With 0:0 the sides were changed.

Brinkies keeps the FSV in the game – unbelievable final phase

After the break, Zwickau lacked the necessary bite for a long time, but the Ingolstadt team were wide awake and put the hosts under a lot of pressure. At times there was a blaze in the FSV penalty area, and one had to worry about the “swans”. An example from the 65th minute. First, Schmidt hit the post from close range with his head. Then the ball fell at Testroet’s feet, who only had Brinkies in front of him, but couldn’t get the pill past the FSV goalkeeper. Shortly thereafter, Brinkies was challenged again and defused a shot from Butler with a brilliant save.

What probably not even the boldest optimists in the Zwickau camp expected, shortly before the end of the season the balance tipped in favor of the hosts. In a crazy final, Ziegele managed the lucky punch with a header before Schneider increased it to 2-0 well into injury time. In the middle of it all, Ingolstadt’s Preißinger was sent off with a yellow and red card. Not for the faint of heart with a happy ending for Zwickau.

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