Crash Oliveira in MotoGP Portugal, Marc Marquez Ready to be Punished More Severely


Marc Marquez was confirmed to be sanctioned by two long lap penalties after crashing into Miguel Oliveira at the Portuguese MotoGP, Sunday (26/3). Marquez admitted that he deserved severe punishment because of his mistake.

Previously, the certainty that Marc Marquez would be punished with two long lap penalties was announced directly on the official MotoGP website. The Honda racer was proven guilty thanks to his aggressive moves which endangered other racers.

“Marc Marquez has been awarded two long laps of a penalty for Sunday’s race at the Argentina Grand Prix for being too aggressive and causing an accident involving rider Miguel Oliveira,” read the official MotoGP statement, quoted Monday (27/3).

s Marc Marquez and CryptoDATA RNF MotoGP Team’s Miguel Oliveira after crashing during the race REUTERS/Marcelo Del Pozo” title=”Marc Marquez” class=”p_img_zoomin” />Marc Marquez tabrak Miguel Oliveira from MotoGP Portugal. Photo: REUTERS/MARCELO DEL POZO

Marquez admitted that he could accept the punishment. In fact, if later the sanctions received are more severe, he is ready to live it.

“So based on the rules that have been explained, I get a double long lap penalty. But if the penalty I receive later is more severe, I can accept it because it was my fault,” said Marquez.

It is known, the incident began when Marquez maneuvered aggressively at the third corner. The Baby Alien, who appeared fast, was so eager to be able to push forward after being passed by several other racers after the start.

Marquez, who moved recklessly, first nudged Jorge Martin, before finally sliding and crashing into Oliveira’s motorbike, which was in the middle of a corner. Both of them fell and were unable to continue the race.

Marc Marquez collided with Miguel Oliveira for a 2 long lap penalty. Photo: PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA / AFP

Due to the collision, Oliveira received injuries to his hands. While Marquez suffered a metacarpal fracture in his right hand. Marquez has publicly apologized to Oliveira, the team and all his supporters in Portugal.

“I have said it personally to Oliveira. I want to apologize to him, to his team, to his fans in Portugal. I have been punished for that mistake with a 2 long lap penalty which I completely agree with,” he said.

“But apart from that, I have some injuries, like my hands and knees. I need to check. Let’s see, even when my condition is not the most important,” Marquez added.

Watch Video “Explanation by Marquez about the collision with Oliveira at the Portuguese MotoGP



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