Cowboys skipped Odell Beckham Jr.’s practice at A

The Odell Beckham Jr. saga continues. After not making a team late last season, the 31-year-old receiver is once again on the radar of teams that need to beef up his offense. And, unlike his “tour” of visits a few months ago, OBJ was willing to train to clear up doubts.

Only, this time, the interested teams had to go see it.

On Friday, Beckham practiced in Arizona in front of representatives from 12 teams interested in his services. These teams, according to reports, were: Panthers, Giants, Patriots, Rams, Cardinals, 49ers, Bills, Chiefs, Vikings, Browns, Ravens and Jets.

However, an absence in that training draws attention: that of the Cowboys.

Let’s remember that, last December, OBJ visited three teams interested in his services: Giants, Bills and Cowboys. The receiver was coming off a knee injury that he suffered in February 2022, that during Super Bowl LVI with the Rams. And, in theory, he was used to play at the time.

However, physical tests carried out on Beckham by all three teams revealed that he was not yet fit to play. Besides, his salary aspirations and his refusal to train during those visits put a damper on any deal with OBJ. And that was the case with the Cowboys as well.

Although Odell Beckham Jr.’s visiting tour was a media circus, the Cowboys weren’t out of the picture. Jerry Jones, the team’s owner and general manager, has been insisting for months that OBJ’s arrival in Dallas was still possible. In fact, a few days ago, Jones reaffirmed that position.

However, the facts speak louder than a thousand words for Jerry Jones. Dallas had no one present in Arizona for OBJ training. And this is surprising, precisely because Beckham’s refusal to train in December collapsed any possible agreement. Despite that, reports say that the Cowboys’ absence from said entertainment is because they have already made their decision on OBJ. It remains to be seen how true those reports are.

After having more cooldown time, OBJ should now be ready to play. And this is not counting the months that would be at least until spring training. However, the hiring of the veteran receiver involves many factors for the interested teams: his salary, his controversies on and off the field, as well as his age and his physical condition after the aforementioned knee injury. In fact, it’s already twice in three seasons that OBJ has suffered that injury.

Precisely, his salary is the biggest point of complication. According to recent reports, Odell Beckham Jr. still aspires to earn $20 million a year, and that his contract is for several seasons. However, it’s very likely that teams will be interested in giving him a lower-cost, one-year contract for the catcher to prove his worth. And this would be shocking if OBJ sticks to his stance from last December that he didn’t need to prove that he can still be an impact player.

Let’s go back to the Cowboys. It is true that the team needs an element of immediate impact on offense, and that the arrival of a veteran is not ruled out. Regardless of Jerry Jones’ wishes, however, Beckham may not be that player. In fact, rumors place DeAndre Hopkins (Cardinals) as a possible cowboy target. However, this would involve a trade with Arizona, and it doesn’t look like Dallas wants to sacrifice draft picks right now.

Dallas’ script every year in free agency we already know. The cowboy team will sound like a possible destination for some of the most coveted free agents on the market. However, they always end up going for low-cost veterans once the first wave of the market passes. That being said, the arrival of Odell Beckham Jr. doesn’t seem feasible in today’s sun. But we already know how unpredictable the NFL can be this time of year. And that goes for the Cowboys, too, no matter how conservative their approach.



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