Corona and Sech present a new version of ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ for the MLB

The Official Cerveza de Major League Baseball and the Latin music artist teamed up to present the new Spanish version of the musical classic that is officially heard nationwide in stadiums during the seventh inning of games.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game’, a refreshing new remix meant to celebrate the Latino influence in sports, from the players and fans to the music and beer in the stands, will debut today at all playing fields in the country and will continue to be heard during the opening week of the MLB.

Sech expressed:

As a child growing up in Panama, I was surrounded by a love and deep respect for the game from an early age.

As the Official Beer of Major League Baseball, Corona notes that it partnered with Latino artist, Latino Grammy nominee, and baseball superfan to offer a fun and fresh new perspective on a tradition almost as old as the sport itself.

For his part, Sech’s love for the game had already led him to use alluding references to baseball in other of his songs.

Inspired by his love of the game, the Panamanian named his third studio album ’42’ as a tribute to Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play Major League Baseball, as well as Mariano Rivera, Yankee legend and Panamanian pitcher, who was the last player to wear the number before it was retired leaguewide, in honor of Robinson.

“To be able to work with an iconic brand like Corona and add my creativity to a treasured seventh inning tradition is a truly special experience. I am very proud to have done something that represents my culture and that of so many players on the field,” added Sech.

Also celebrating his Mexican heritage, where baseball is also a popular sport, Corona highlights how the Latino influence plays a vital role in many aspects of the game.

“Sech’s remix is ​​a vibrant new anthem to the game, and we’re proud to celebrate the sport of baseball like never before. As the Official Beer of MLB, Corona wanted to extend a refreshing new perspective to one of the most beloved parts of the game and celebrate not only our own heritage, but that of so many people on the diamond and in the stands,” said Alex Schultz, Vice President of MLB Corona brand marketing.

Fans can listen to the new song by visiting the Sech’s Spotify channel or attending an Opening Day game at participating stadiums, including the Minnesota Twins home opener on Thursday, April 6.


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