Conspiracy in favor of the Lakers? This statistic raises many suspicions

Los Angeles Lakers they screamed to heaven when the referees stopped whistling a clear lack of Jayson Tatum about LeBron James in the outcome of a terrific game at the TD Garden that was finally won by the Boston Celtics by 125-121 after an extension. This happened in the past January 29, and since then they double the differential in trips to the free throw line to the second team on the list among the 30 NBA franchises. In between, the referees formally apologized to the Los Angeles franchise.

The tremendous data has raised suspicions, although no major American media has echoed the statistics, too bulky to not deserve superior scrutiny.

Differential of free throws taken vs. free throws taken by the opponent since January 29, 2023

MD via Statmuse

From the referee’s apology, the Lakers have traveled 263 times more than their opponents to the personnel line. The next on the list, the Miami Heat, did it 123 times… less than double. If we broaden the focus, the data for the total season seems even more scandalous… 411 free throw attempts more than the second! It is, in summary, the most bulky figure of the last four campaigns.

Differential of free throws taken vs. free kicks taken by the opponent in 2023

MD via Statmuse

In the past, however, it should be remembered that Charlotte Hornets (17-18) they came to count on 722 more free throws than their rivals.

With 722 more free throws than their opponents overall for the season, the Hornets have the most in the last 10 seasons

MD via Statmuse

Los Houston Rocketswith 705 more attempts in 13-14 were the second most accumulated in the last ten seasons.

Diferencial Rockets 13-14

MD via Statmuse

In the 12-13 season, a decade ago, the Lakers also led this statistic with 695 free throws more than their opponents, also by a notable margin over the second on the list (423, Thunder).

Diferencial Lakers 12-13

MD via Statmuse

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