Confirm the death of seven people due to an explosion in Totolapan, Morelos – El Sol de México

Elements of the National Guard (GN), Secretary of National Defense (sedena) and emergency bodies participate in the rescue work in the municipality of Totolapan, after the explosion of a powder magazine was registered during the afternoon of Monday, March 20.

The state protection coordination reported that Preliminarily, seven people were killed and 15 injuredthree of whom were transferred to hospital units and the rest received on-site care.

The Ministry of Health indicated that one of the people who were transferred to receive medical attention was a 60-year-old patient in delicate condition, who was taken to the José G. Parres General Hospital in Cuernavaca; in addition to two children under five years of age with various injuries, they receive care at the Ocuituco Community Hospital, the condition of both minors is stable.

The municipal president, Sergio Omar Livera Chavarria confirmed that elements of the Forensic Medical Service (Semepho) They continue working on the removal of corpses, as well as human remains that were scattered by the impact.

“We will be waiting for the Prosecutor’s Office to corroborate the removal of corpses and also confirm the extent of the expansion of the remains of people. The damage caused by the detonation is approximately between 500 and 800 meters in radius”, confirmed the mayor.

He added that derived from the explosion one of the roofs in the area where the fireworks work collapsedso the rubble will also have to be removed to see if more people are found.

Where did the explosion occur?

The mayor confirmed that the explosion occurred in the house of the Carranza familyin the neighborhood of Santa Bárbara, where they live master craftsmen of fireworksbut he asserted that according to the Civil Protection report, there was no notification that it was in that same area where they were handling gunpowder.

“Let us remain calm, we know that it is a very sad day for those who have lost a loved one, so we do not anticipate prejudice. This very risky trade of fireworks is an inheritance, it is a job that is taught from generation to generation and it would be a lack of responsibility to blame the people who have lost their lives”.

Livera Chavarria indicated that until now it is known that the fireworks that would be used for the celebrations of Santo Cristo Aparecido, which would take place from March 24 to 27, were being prepared in the place.

He added that it is a “black Monday” for Totolapan and that soon they will meet with the parish priest of the church of San Guillermo Abad, with the mayordomía and the committees of the four neighborhoods to analyze the proceeding with the fair next weekend. and above all with the management of fireworks.

The mayor indicated that the works will continue during the night and the morning of March 21 to continue with the count of the damages.

“We had broken windows, doors, curtains damaged, and all this will be counted, the number of homes affected during the night and tomorrow.”


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