“Combat” between artistic expression and physical prowess

Dancer and choreographer I-Fang Lin presents her new show on Friday March 24 and Saturday March 25 at the Hangar Théâtre.

CO Aime BAT. This is how I-Fang Lin, dancer-choreographer pronounces the title of her new show: CO.M.BAT. How to read, understand his creation staged with his company Studio Maiastra?

I-Fang achieves the feat of uniting the antagonisms. She explains this title: “CO like beginning, coexist, coincide, cohesion, anger, M like movement, murmur, mobile, musical, mystery, martial, BAT like beat, build, battle, beat”.

She continues: “It’s a work that tries to concretize different experiences of love. So that each “one” can find the alliance and make the relational, interpersonal, social, intercultural gaps fade”.

A trio at the crossroads of East and West

They will be three dancers on stage to express the originality of this creation, at the crossroads of Western and Eastern cultures. Native of Taiwan, arrived in France in the 90s, I-Fang has danced for renowned choreographers (Mathilde Monnier, Christian Rizzo, François Verret, Didier Théron…).

Today, she draws her inspiration from her origins and from the spirit of aikido: “During confinement, I had fun practicing judo, tai-chi and the Feldenkrais method. I wanted to find something that would calm me down. I had learned the martial art in my training course. in Taiwan”. She deepened “awareness of the body, the relationship to others and the apprehension of space”. It features three performers, two men and an extraordinary woman: “they are very authentic, very typical. They do not reproduce the stereotypes of contemporary dancers”, she says. She probably chose them for their originality. Yaïr Barelli (practices Gadi Kempo Jitsu), Salomé Pham-van-hué (dancer and roller skating champion), Jimmy Monneron (comes from hip-hop) should surprise the spectator. He will discover “a physical performance: we start with 80 rolls!” There will be “two western sequences…” But let’s not deflower everything! Let’s leave the pleasure to discovery. CO.M.BAT highlights the artistic expression of bodies and confirms that a dance performance can find its source outside of conventions and the beaten track.

Hangar Theatre: Friday 24 March 8 p.m., Saturday 25 March 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.: €15 (reduced €10).

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