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Dortmund (NRW) – That can’t be true: Kürsat Y. (42) has won the lottery again! “Five correct ones! There was 2684.90 euros for this,” says Chico. But this time he gave away the money…

With that, Chico made the hat trick perfect: three main prizes in half a year! “I can’t believe it – it’s crazy,” he said.

Chico won almost 2700 euros this time. The Dortmunder gave away the money

Photo: Andreas Wegener

The former crane operator from Dortmund hit the jackpot in September – and pocketed a whopping EUR 9.9 million. He immediately quit his job and had a good time: He not only bought a Porsche 911, a Ferrari Pista, luxury watches and countless designer clothes, but also a great apartment in Istanbul.

“But I also continue to play the lottery. I just love the thrill”Chico announced immediately after the mega transfer to his bank account.

Chico from the north of Dortmund is still on a lucky streak

Chico from Dortmund’s Nordstadt continues to float on a wave of happiness

Photo: Tim Foltin

The next profit was only six weeks away: again a system certificate was successful. 1700 euros! At least the next tank fillings for the sports cars were secured.

Chico had publicly reported on his two wins – and suddenly became known throughout Germany. He adorned the front page of a BILD issue three times and was finally seen in an interview with Thomas Gottschalk on evening television.

In the last few weeks Chico had taken it easy, for example with Filming for a TV documentary in Africa. He also drew attention to himself with aid projects (e.g. for the Dortmunder Tafel).

In the middle of the month Kürsat Y. was in the hospital – navel fracture. But now the lucky streak for Dortmund seems to be back.


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